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Automated Location Configuration 1.2
Automatically set LDAP contextless, NT environment variable and ZENworks workstation import server before first login.

Bootcd.iso with Samba Client
Store and restore image files from Windows shares.

BorderManager 3.8 VPN Configuration Tool
Automate the configuration of BorderManager 3.8 VPN servers.

Client 32 Configuration
Readily access Client 32 configuration information.

Administrative Template for Novell Client 4.9x.

Change registry settings quickly.

Configuring iFolder on Linux clusters (OES SP2)
Automate the configuration of iFolder on OES SP2 Linux clusters.

Custom Start Menu Group Policy
Use custom centralized Start Menus for PCs governed by Group Policy.

Prevent unauthorized access to USB, FireWire, Bluetooth, removable devices, CD-ROMs, floppies, etc.

DynaWizard 2.10
Ensures that the workstation returns to its set configuration each time, every time.

ENGL Zwlancfg 2.0
Windows Wireless Management configuration tool.

Hotfix Installer 3.0e
Install Hotfixes for Office, Windows, IE and more with one app object.

IPAssignment Inheritance Provider l
This extension to Novell Director Standard Edition 4.1 (NPS) allows pages to be assigned based on the IP address of the client.

Launcher Configuration Copy 1.02
Copy a launcher configuration from one object to another.

MASS 2.79
Multiple Application Setting Syncer.

Prevent relaunching of MSI installations.

NCWSUT32 1.15 (Jan 99)
Stage new or repaired workstation.

NDPS Printer Installer
Lets you assign printers based on computer rather than user.

NetWare Care
Use CRON and STUFFKEY with these simple, basic, timesaving proactive management scripts.

NetWare Config Reader 2.67
Analyze the config.txt file produced by CONFIG.NLM.

Network Configuration Command-line Control
Updated: Simplified syntax for using netsh.exe.

NFS Gateway 3.0 to 4.0 Config Converter
Converts NFS 3.0 "imports" file to new NFS 4.0 Gateway NCF syntax.

Novell MSI Shortcut Launcher
Launch an advertised MSI shortcut (*.lnk file) directly from a NAL Application Object.

NPS Performance Calculator
Browser-based worksheet that calculates requirements for an optimum Portal Services implementation.

Password Sync Debug Tools
Tools to help debug password synchronization problems between eDirectory and other data stores.

Set "Shrink Path To Dot = NO" in the NetWare DOS Requester.

Calculate appropriate register memory command for configuring a NetWare 3 or 4 server.

RLACOPY 1.6 for NDS (Rick Laughinghouse Copy Application Object)
Copies a ZEN Application object from a command line.

Selectively redirect file references.

Server Memory Calculator for NetWare.

Startup Control Panel
A small, single .exe file to manage your startup entries.

Windows 2000 Network Delay Fix
Resolves pause on Windows 2000 when users try to access folders on NetWare network.

WSName 2.8
Automated method to change a workstation's name.

ZENworks Image Safe Reader
Search for strings in the ZENworks Image safe area.

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