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LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol)

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Configure Password for eDirectory Users
Change/reset passwords for large number of users in eDirectory.

.NET Universal LDAP Connector (ULC)
An object to communicate with LDAP servers.

AppNote Tool: Formatdmp
Utility to format LDAP subschem data returned by an LDAP subschemaSubentry request.

AppNote Tool: NDS102-LDAP
Using C and LDAP

Asgard LDAP Rename Module
Rename/move objects in any LDAP server.
LDAP utility to populate attributes without an LDIF.

Certificate Scanner
Scan the entire network for verification of SSL certificate.

Check eDirectory LDAP Statistics with Nagios
This program can be used to monitor the number of ldap searches and errors with Nagios.

Configure Certificate
Configure certificate for NSL LDAP client to work with non-eDirectory servers.

Configure LDAP Server
Configure LDAP Server properties remotely.

CSV to LDIF Converter
Convert CSV file into a formatted LDIF file for importing into LDAP.

Directory Server Scanner
Remotely detect type of directory servers running on machines.

Dirload Template and Data Files
Dirload Template and data files for generating User LDIFs for test teams.

Allow LDAP contextless login, extend valid password rules, display an administrator-defined message.

DupeTrace 1.5
Utility to "play back" an LDAP trace file.

eDirectory Manager
A simple tool for exporting and importing large amount of eDirectory data.

Expire Accounts Not Used in 30 Days
Script expires accounts that haven't been used in the last 30 days.

Export Certificate
Download certificate from directory server to local machine.

fMakeLDIF - Convert CVS files to LDIF
Convert CVS files to LDIF and pipe to ldapmodify IE.

Program to get the Trusted root certificate from eDirectory through LDAP.

Home directory checker
Simple automated checker for home directories without users.

lastlogin - Generate Report Based on Last Login Time
Creates a report of all users not logged in within a configured time frame.

LDAP Benchmark Tester
Test the speed of your LDAP searches with this simple, multithreaded tester program.

LDAP Bind Sample Code
Sample ASP code for an LDAP bind over SSL using the NWIDirQuery control.

LDAP Count Script
This script is useful for benchmarking, performance testing, and debugging.

LDAP Error Count 2.0
Count all the LDAP error codes in a dstrace or iMonitor log file.

LDAP expired password notification
An AppleScript to run a query against the LDAP server of the current logged in user to determine how long until the user's password expires.

LDAP Exporter 1.2
Export data easily from a LDAP server.

LDAP Group Consistency Checker
Check consistency between persons and groups via LDAP (NDS).

LDAP Object RDN Reverser
PERL code to manipulate LDAP extracted data and reverse an object's RDN allowing for the sorting of data by container/organizational unit.

Create and Modify LDAP Objects

Outputs an LDAP Search in CSV format

Check relationship of objects.

Query LDAP and return an attribute value.

Ldapsearch Wrapper
HTML application which adds a GUI front end to the ldapsearch executable, providing an easy, form based, interface for searches and configuration management.

ldiftosch - Convert LDAP Schema into Novell SCH Format
Convert LDAP schema (ldif) file into SCH file (Novell eDirectory specific format).

A powerful and user-friendly GUI LDAP administration tool.

Manage Users
Create or delete large number of users from eDirectory.

Monitor individual drivers on NW, Linux, and Windows, as well as some LDAP search/auth performance and directory sync.

NDS Explorer
Allow NDS objects to appear in Windows Explorer.

Novell LDAP Address Book
Manage addresses in LDAP-based directories (including eDirectory).

Password Change
Create a password change page in Java applications.

Password Expiration Email Notification
Java console application that sends users email notifications of upcoming password expiration.

Portal User Reset
Reset tool for Portal users.

Update LDAP objects using an LDAP query search.

Enable administrators of Novell networks to import user details from a SQL server to create the NDS user leaf objects.

UniqueID Check v1.0
Analyze UID and CN attributes from an eDirectory tree.

Verify Certificate
Verify the SSL certificate present on local host or directory server.

View Directory Certificate
Remotely view the SSL certificate on directory server.

Search attribute values of any object of one LDAP Server.

XLDAP Servlet
Servlet to access LDAP using SQL query language, with query results returned as XML.

ZLM Bundle / Device Report V 1.0
Creates a list of devices where bundle should go, based on bundle selection.

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