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Achat - Firewall Tool 1.6
Configure Novell BorderManager 3.7 filters and filter exceptions per LDIF files.

AD Filter Stylesheets
Filters unwanted deletions and/or edits from AD or another directory into NDS.

AdRem sfConsole 5
Secure and fast access to remote and local console plus role-based management of console access rights (server screens and console commands).

Blackbird DeTroubler for eDirectory & Active Directory
Rapid online recovery for eDirectory & Active Directory.

Change Password Utility
Users can change Windows domain password and Admin can change password from ASP.

CLAW (Contextless Login Application for Web Interface)
Simplifies, secures and enhances your Citrix Web Interface installation by providing fast LDAP contextless login without the need for a Novell Client.

ContentFilter for Novell BorderManager
Filters unwanted websites by performing real-time textual analysis of website page content.

CPAU utility
Command line tool for starting process inalternate security context.

Dekart Logon
Password-replacement solution for Windows PCs and Novell Client.

Prevent unauthorized access to USB, FireWire, Bluetooth, removable devices, CD-ROMs, floppies, etc.

DSMETER for NetWare
Audit and control your eDirectory/NDS and NetWare File Systems. Track login/logout activity, audit, alert and control server, file system, and directory activity, report on server inventory and more.

DSRAZOR for eDirectory/NDS and NetWare
Secure, delegate, administer and audit your eDirectory/NDS and NetWare File Systems. Manage user accounts, report on and manage security settings, delegate helpdesk tasks and more.

DSRAZOR for GroupWise
Secure, delegate, administer and audit your GroupWise installations. Manage user accounts, report on and manage security settings, report disk space usage, manage distribution lists and more.

EnhancedPasswordGadget for Novell Portal Services v1.5
Provides a means for users to change their passwords.

Find executables
Find all executable files even if the file extension has been renamed.

Group Policy Template
Track your Group Policy settings with these handy templates.

GWAVA (previously MTASieve)
GroupWise anti-virus and eSecurity agent with content filtering, attachment blocking, and anti-spam tools.

Keep sensitive messages safe from prying eyes.

iFolder Local Security Utility
Create a local data directory for iFolder users, and then encrypt it using Microsoft CIPHER.

MSI Utility
Avoid pushing out a policy to elevate the MSI installer.

NDS ActiveX controls for Web-based authentication.

NPS Proxy Gadget 0.1.9c
Acts as a firewall or tunnel for any type of internet connection, only allowing connections from users who have authenticated to NPS.

Screensaver for locking workstation.

Alerts end-users that their password is about to expire and allows them the option to change their password.

A firewall with user-level access controls for Windows NT/2000/XP.

Quick for NDS v1.50a
Execute several NDS operations from the command line or from batch files.

Remote DLL Injection Application
Inject/remove the DLL into/from the remote process to aid in removing spyware and in testing individual library components.

Removable Media Device Security and Encryption
Disknet Pro provides eDirectory administrators with central control and encryption of removable media-I/O devices, and the ability to monitor user access through these devices.

Rohos Welcome
Password-replacement solution for Novell Client for Windows.

Rootkit Hunter
Easy-to-use tool which checks machines running UNIX (clones) for the presence of rootkits and other unwanted tools.

Provide real-time alerting of unauthorized data access and server operations.

SmartSync Pro
Universal solution to back up and synchronize data.

Open Source Network Intrusion Detection

Remote console with look and feel of RCONSOLE.EXE but secure and bandwidth efficient.

UIHandler for eGuide 2.1
XSL Stylesheet to display eGuide addresses as graphics to discourage address harvesting.

Free SFTP and SCP client for Windows for safe copying of files between a local and a remote computer.

ZfD3.2 Group Policies Spreadsheet
Get Group Policies documented.

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