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Achat - Password tool
Admin tool to synchronize user passwords between Novell NetWare and GroupWise.

Achat - ZENworks tool
Read, delete and synchronize the ZISD-Infos.

Avanti's TaskMaster v4 Replication / Synchronization / Automation Utility
Automate server and file management tasks which typically require client execution.

Designer for Identity Manager
A highly visual, client-based tool for designing, debugging, deploying, and documenting your identity management solutions.

Easily create reports on available Partitions and Replicas and some basic health information. Check or Force Synchronization.

File Synchronizer 7
Synchronize Files and Folders.

Folder Sync
Yet another synchronization tool used to keep defined pair of folders in sync.

Synchronize two directory subtrees by NCP.

NJFSS 0.8.3
A Java program to synchronize files between servers.

PortaMail 2002
Synchronize Calendar, Tasks, (Email + Attachments) and Contacts with any 32-Bit version of GroupWise 5.5.x or 6.x.

PortaMail 2003
This version is written specifically for PocketPC 2003 based devices.

PortaMail 2005
Synchronize the latest Windows Mobile based devices with GroupWise 5.5+/6.5+/7.x+

SmartSYNC 2007
Synchronize the latest Palm OS based devices with GroupWise 6.5+/7.x+

SmartSYNC Palm Conduit Suite
Synchronize Palm OS based devices with GroupWise 5.5 and later.

Provides comprehensive synchronization facilities between GroupWise 5 and any PalmOS connected organizer.

TKInfo Tool
Script that creates four reports for monitoring information about keys.

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