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AppNote Tool: "Problems For Portal" Demo Utility
Simulate various server troubleshooting scenarios.

Find out how an application is called.

Avanti's TaskMaster v4 Replication / Synchronization / Automation Utility
Automate server and file management tasks which typically require client execution.

Burst Mode Hot Start and Troubleshooting Guide
Read about Burst Mode, a protocol for NetWare Core Protocol (NCP) read and write requests.

DirXML Notes Wizard
Install and Setup a DirXML Lotus Notes Driver.

Helps automate app installs from Untrusted Publishers under XP SP2.

Elapsed Time 4
Determine elapsed time of LDAP searches.

ENGL Znalhook 1.0
A ZENworks for Desktops Authentication Hook.

Generate a list of objects with the missing Guid.

Support a Standard Load.

Imaging Patch for ZENworks for Desktops 3 Client
Update Imaging client.

Developer Tool to read existing iManager Info from eDirectory and export as XML.

Command line tool to test for alive (or listening) TCP ports.

Lesspace 3.4 - DOS TSR utility
Fix "space" errors on large hard disk drives.

List TSA Utility
List the SMDRs and TSAs available and test the connections to both on a server.

Mathematica Fix: "delete-next-character"
Script to fix the message "delete-next-character" when installing Mathematica on SUSE 9.0 and up.

Prevent relaunching of MSI installations.

NAL Registry Log Creation
To enable ZENworks debugging information for NAL.

NALalyse v1.2
Quickly sanity check, document, search & report on ZENworks NAL objects.

NCS Volume Resource Validation Tool
Checks eDirectory object associations for NCS volume resources on OES Linux.

NWMON.NLM : NetWare Monitoring
Basic OS and eDirectory statistics for Novell NetWare 6.x servers with reporting via Novell Remote Manager.

Password Sync Debug Tools
Tools to help debug password synchronization problems between eDirectory and other data stores.

Performance Test
Disk performance test for NetWare 4, NetWare 5, and NetWare 6.

QuickTID 1.01
Quick access to TIDs without opening a Web browser.

Remote Control Utility for ZfD
Helps network admins manage workstations in their environment, without using ConsoleOne.

Helps when debugging NSL login scripts by letting you see the actual text that is being placed into the password fields (rather than the usual asterisk).

Troubleshoot network problems related to distribution of SAP packets.

SEG.NLM: NetWare Memory Analyzer
Memory analysis NLM for Novell NetWare 5.1 and 6.x servers.

Third-Party Vendor MIBs
SNMP MIBs that get successfully compiled in ZENworks for Servers 3 & ZENworks for Servers 6.5 - Management and Monitoring Services - SNMP MIB Compiler.

VB Script to Analyze RADIUS Log Files
Copies files from RADIUS server and parses them, placing rejects into rejects.log files for analysis.

WebAccess on SonyEricsson P800.
Check the value of environment vars and return an errorlevel in ZENworks scripts for debugging purposes.

ZENworks GUID Erazor
Remove NAL registry keys to force reinstallation of specific packages down to a client.

ZENworks PXE
Boot up to three NICS with this modified linux2 PXE boot file.

ZfD Debug Helper
Quickly enable and view the various ZfD 6.5 debug logs.

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