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Avanti's TaskMaster v4 Replication / Synchronization / Automation Utility
Automate server and file management tasks which typically require client execution.

Create Trustee Audit Report
Creates a trustee audit report that includes Trustees assigned to a folder and their rights, and if any trustees are groups it will list the groups and their members.

DosNDS 1.05.04
Commandline utility for modifying eDirectory from the commandline.

DSMETER for NetWare
Audit and control your eDirectory/NDS and NetWare File Systems. Track login/logout activity, audit, alert and control server, file system, and directory activity, report on server inventory and more.

DSRAZOR for eDirectory/NDS and NetWare
Secure, delegate, administer and audit your eDirectory/NDS and NetWare File Systems. Manage user accounts, report on and manage security settings, delegate helpdesk tasks and more.

RLACLSHW 1.1 (Rick Laughinghouse Trustee List Show)
Shows an NDS object's trustees and the trustees' rights from a command line.

TRESTORE.BAT from NW411 for NW6
Converts paths in TRESTORE.BAT from "old" syntax (numbering only, starts with 0) to "new" syntax (using "tilde" and numbering starts with 1).

Trustee Copy
Copy trustee assignments from one directory structure to another.

Trustees 6.1
Reads all file trustee rights of user, group, and organizational objects, and writes them to a file with the long file names. This file is then used to add rights back.

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