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Designer for Identity Manager
A highly visual, client-based tool for designing, debugging, deploying, and documenting your identity management solutions.

Module to load text files using spring in IDM projects.

IDM 3.5 Metrics Client Demo
Demo shows how IDM 3.5 Metrics Webservice can be used to generate a dashboard that can be used to monitor/evaluate workflow performance.

IDM 3.5 Password Notification Service Driver
IDM 3.5 service driver to send password notifications to users, helpdesk and NAudit.

IDM Racf Policy Builder Script
Use Policy Builder to send commands to RACF System.

IDMWebservice Kit
Allow IDM drivers to start Extend Workflows.

Check relationship of objects.

Query LDAP and return an attribute value.

Loopback Initial Password Setup
Automatic initial passwords setup.

Monitor individual drivers on NW, Linux, and Windows, as well as some LDAP search/auth performance and directory sync.

Monitor DirXML/IDM Driver States with Nagios
Linux shell script to monitor Novell DirXML 1.1 and Identity Manager 2.x/3.x driver states with Nagios. Basically a wrapper for "dxcmd -getstate".

Spring Procedure Module
Module to run procedures using spring in IDM projects.

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