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.NET Universal LDAP Connector (ULC)
An object to communicate with LDAP servers.

Add/Delete Users
Scripts to automate creation/deletion of student logins.

AdRem Free Remote Console 5
Free remote access to NetWare server console.

Poll NetWare servers for connection counts.

Applogin (32-bit)
Login script to balance application server load.

Asgard Login Module
Allows developers to use eDir to control application logins.

Auto.exe - Win9x Novell Auto Login
Allow the Win9x Novell Client to automatically log in.

Allow for fast configuration of automatic logon to the network and the workstation.

Automated Location Configuration 1.2
Automatically set LDAP contextless, NT environment variable and ZENworks workstation import server before first login.

Check LDAP Password and Change Domain Password
Allows a user who knows their NDS password to change their NT-Domain/AD Password.

Check Login
Checks if password is about to expire.

Check NDS Login ability with Nagios
Used by Nagios to check every configured Server for eDirectory Login.

CLAW (Contextless Login Application for Web Interface)
Simplifies, secures and enhances your Citrix Web Interface installation by providing fast LDAP contextless login without the need for a Novell Client.

Commandline login 1.03
A simple commandline login utility.

Contextless Login
Perform contextless login.

Allow LDAP contextless login, extend valid password rules, display an administrator-defined message.

Remove the Start button on login and disable the ctrl-alt-del and ctrl-alt-esc buttons.

DSMETER for NetWare
Audit and control your eDirectory/NDS and NetWare File Systems. Track login/logout activity, audit, alert and control server, file system, and directory activity, report on server inventory and more.

Shows a .rtf file for a predefined time interval.

LDAP expired password notification
An AppleScript to run a query against the LDAP server of the current logged in user to determine how long until the user's password expires.

Linux Login to NetWare Script
Easy to use script for making an NCP connection to NetWare.

LOG410.TXT - Login Script Identifiers for NetWare 4.1x
Learn which identifier variables are available for a NetWare 4.10 Login Script.

Customize the sign-on screen.

Login Mini-Browser for NetWare
Deliver company news and messages to users during their login.

Login Status Gadget
Notify of how many grace logins remain.

Login to NDS using email IDs

LSupdate for NetWare 3.1x
Update login scripts by doing simple string search and replace.

NDS Login Script Editor 1.2
Either search or search & replace login scripts for users, organization containers, org units, templates, and profiles in NDS.

NDS ActiveX controls for Web-based authentication.

Allow the HelpDesk to view users' network account information.

UNIX/Linux command line tool to change NDS password and UNIX/Linux login shell.

DOS command-line utility that allows an Admin to change the Login Time Restriction attribute value of any NDS user object.

NetStorage Single Sign-On Servlet for iChain
Modified source to work with NetWare 6.5, recompiled class file for a JVM 1.4.x environment, and greatly enhanced the documentation.

Network login/logout utility
Provides easy access to the Novell network login interface.

Novell Client Login Screen Bitmap Selector
Change the default bitmap displayed by the Novell Client.

NwDskPe 2.7.8: NetWare Client on BartPE/WinPE
A fully automated BartPE/WinPE plugin using Novell's NetWare Client to access NetWare servers by IP/IPX.

QLL Reg Tool
Automatically configures the registry settings of "Quick Login/Logout" Secure Workstation component of Novell Secure Login (NSL).

Screensaver Password AOT
Synchronize Screensaver password with NDS.

Import/Export NDS Login Scripts.

Server Switcher
Login Extension to select logon server, based on IP address.

Switch from Shell to Shell.

Startup Control Panel
A small, single .exe file to manage your startup entries.

Web-based interface for system administration for Unix.

Windows Auto Login Utility
Throws the appropriate reg. keys to enable a single login on.

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