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Add to host
Add DNS names to host file.

Bash Batch Image Processing Script
Manipulate entire directories of images all at once.

Client32 Toolbox for DOS/Windows
Automatically update Client32 for DOS/Windows 3.x users.

Create an Integrated OES 2/SLES 10 SP1 DVD Image
This script combines the OES 2 ISO and the SLES 10 SP1 ISO into a single integrated DVD image for easier OES 2 installation.

DisableClose and ShowDesktop
Prevent users from closing the windows that are running scripts.

eDirectory Backup Script for Linux
Simple script for a full tree backup.

GW Stats - A Perl Script for Windows and NetWare
Creates HTML (viewable in any browser) rendering of the GWCHECK log files, sorted by size of mailbox.

iChain Form Fill Script Generator 1.2.003
Create iChain Form Fill Scripts.

List Running Resources on V1-style Heartbeat Cluster Node
Small Python script to check for running resources on your heartbeat cluster node.

Mass Home Directory Scripts
Creates or delete home directories from eDirectory LDIF file.

This script is made to test networking hardware and software in a simple way by verifying packets travel reliably across the network.

Novell Consulting Automation Tool (Script Engine)
Special purpose scripting language.

Interprets script files to prompt users for information.

RACF Remote Loader Kit
Scripts to setup Remote Loader on OMVS Mainframe.

SSH brute force block
Detect brute force SSH attack.

Generate SystemInfo in HTML with a shell-script.

TZUpdate For Java - VB Script
VB script addresses DST fixes for JAVA on Windows hosts.

Xen OCF Resource Management Script for HA Stack
Manage Xen domU as HA resource, replaces "xm".

ZENworks 7 Desktop Management (Imaging) Script
Script to interactively configure the network interface.

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