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AD Filter Stylesheets
Filters unwanted deletions and/or edits from AD or another directory into NDS.

Add Attributes Stylesheet
Allows the addition of attributes specified by a template when creating new accounts.

ADM File Utilities 2.5
Customize .ADM files.

AppNote Tool: Audit DirXML Events Using Stylesheets, Java, and JDBC
Companion resource to AppNotes article.

AppNote Tool: Corporate Naming Policy Using DirXML Stylesheets Example
Enforce corporate naming standards.

AppNote Tool: iChain Java Servlets
Obtain an LDIF file with a list of schema definitions for iChain 2.0, including changes from previous versions.

AppNote Tool: Sample DirXML Stylesheets and Java
A complete functioning DirXML driver and the associated stylesheets.

Container/Object Stylesheet
DirXML Stylesheet that targets specified containers for synchronization.

DirXML 1 Grace Login Fix
Stylesheets that fix grace logins getting out of sync when using the NDS to NDS driver.

DirXML Changelog
Creates a log of changes made in DirXML implementations.

ETS Groups Stylesheet
XSLT stylesheet that manages users in eDirectory Groups.

ETS Stylesheet
XSLT stylesheet that works with DirXML 1.1, eDirectory 8.6.2, and Windows XP Pro.

Modify Password Stylesheet
XSLT stylesheet for DirXML 1.1 that modifies passwords in eDirectory.

File-based Round Robin Processor for use in DirXML Stylesheets.

Set Default Password Stylesheet
This stylesheet assigns a default password during user creation, and the "User must change Password at next logon" is left unchecked.

Specified Users Stylesheet
DirXML Stylesheet that targets specified users for synchronization from one tree to the user's OU in another tree.

User Management Stylesheet
Attribute-driven XSLT stylesheet for DirXML 1.1 that can create, delete, modify users and move them from one OU to another.

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