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Automatic Shut Down Tool
Gives user 30 seconds to cancel the shut down.

Display web page upon login.

Creates an attention-getting message box from the login-script.

Community Notify Gadget
View all Community requests in one screen.

Disk Checker for NetWare (WATCH.ABC)
Notification of problems with mirror status or redirected block count.

Dutch Email Notify
Send mail to admin when user password is to expire.

GroupWise Appointment Notify for Linux
Makes an https connection to WebAccess, and notifies you of upcoming appointments.

GroupWise Footnote
Add global signatures and perform Virus scanning.

GroupWise Start
Start GroupWise and Notify in startup folder ONLY if network is present.

Lgdaim v. 1.0
AOL Instant Messenger Log Channel for Novell Audit

Low Swap Space Notification
Notifies when free swap space is less than n bytes.

MyRealBox Notifier
Monitors MyRealBox email account for unread messages.

Monitor multiple users on different servers at a glance.

PortaMail for SmartPhone
Synchronize Microsoft SmartPhones with GroupWise 5.5 and later.

Adjust BroadCast mode with this tool that replaces send.exe. Works over IP.

Receive SYSLOG event notifications from UNIX boxes.

WinBiff 3.9a
E-mail notification utility.

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