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BorderManager Proxy Statistics Tool
Scan BorderManager log files and create useful reports in HTML.

BorderReporter 2.1
BorderManager log analyzer.

Graph your server's traffic and more.

Euler for GTK+
Quickly and interactively compute with real and complex numbers and matrices, or with intervals, and draw and animate your functions in two and three dimensions.

Get Directory Size and Quota Size
Perl-Script to Generate CSV-file Report with dir_name;dir_size;dir_quota information.

GroupWise biggest E-mail stats
This perl script processes the output of GWCheck or ConsoleOne where you select Expire Statistics Items larger than...

GroupWise Log Filter
GroupWise 6.5 Mail Statistics Log Parsing Program.

GroupWise Log Parser 1.6.0
Parsing GroupWise contents check for mailbox statistics.

GroupWise Mailbox Audit Log to CSV Converter
This VB script converts several GroupWise gwcheck Audit Logs to a comma delimited file.

GroupWise Mailbox Size Parser (GWCHECK.LOG)
Creates a neat HTM report of the GWCheck.log with the size of each mailbox.

Easily report, sort, and trend on user's email statistics, mailbox sizes, and space taken by attachments.

GWCommander v3
A flexible GroupWise management framework.

This tool will parse a GWCheck log file into a more readable comma-delimited file.

LDAP Benchmark Tester
Test the speed of your LDAP searches with this simple, multithreaded tester program.

NetWare RAM Estimator 1
System memory requirements and usage for NetWare 3.x, 4.x.

NetWare Stats Utility
Collect comprehensive information on each of your servers from NDS.

Parser to toptool logs
Generate graphs and reports from the toptool logs.

Quota Report for Win32
Generate disk space usage statistics based on directory quotas for user accounts.

Resource Statistics for AIX
Collect CPU, Disk IO, Virtual Memory Statistics & Number of connections on AIX.

Resource Statistics for Linux
Collect CPU, Disk IO, Virtual Memory Statistics & Number of connections on Linux.

Resource Statistics for Solaris
Collect CPU, Disk IO, Virtual Memory Statistics & Number of connections on Solaris.

Server Status HTML Page
Generate HTML Server Status page, with graphs.

SGadget 1.2
Provides important operating statistics of NetWare Servers.

Space Used Message
Send an Email with the amount of space that every user consumes.

Toptool for AIX
Gather CPU, Memory & Threads Utilization for a given process on AIX.

Toptool for Linux
Gather CPU, Memory, Virtual Memory & Threads Utilization for a given process on Linux.

Toptool for Solaris
Collect CPU, Memory, Virtual Memory & Threads utilization for a given process on Solaris.

NetWare Remote Manager plugin to track and trend eDirectory statistics.

NSS Trend Statistics for NetWare 6

NetWare Remote Manager plugin to track and display trends on the NetWare OS.

UserKVYMonitor v1.7.1
The analyzer of user activity on NetWare server with Novell ZENworks Remote Management support.

VB Script to Analyze BM Log Files with BRDSTAT
VB script copies files from BorderManager server and parses them into files for the BRSTAT utility to work with.

Vitality Gadget
Read the loginTime attribute using a PortalConnection and present it in a statistical overview.

Webalizer for NetWare
Analyze Web server log files and prepare them for graphical display.

Webalizer for NetWare 2.01-09
Produce detailed, configurable usage reports in HTML format for viewing with a standard web browser.

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