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Community Notify Gadget
View all Community requests in one screen.

Feedback Gadget
Send SMTP feedback to the portal admin.

Find a Color
Find Color Code Numbers.

FTP Gadget 0.1
Access FTP files using Novell Portal Services.

Group Wake on LAN
Wake all workstations in groups in NDS.

Language Select Gadget
Let a user update their language setting in eDirectory.

A log4j wrapper for Novell Portal Services / Novell exteNd Director v4.1 Standard Edition.

Login Status Gadget
Notify of how many grace logins remain.

MineSweeper Gadget
Portal game, to keep work from killing ya.

NPS Proxy Gadget 0.1.9c
Acts as a firewall or tunnel for any type of internet connection, only allowing connections from users who have authenticated to NPS.

RLATRSET (Rick Laughinghouse Attribute Value Set)
Set NDS Object attribute values from a command line.

RLATRSYN (Rick Laughinghouse Attribute Value Synchronization)
Synchronizes NDS Object attribute values from a command line.

Simple Gadget
A simple gadget that includes source code to help you write your own gadgets.

Skins Gadget
Streamlines the process of importing or exporting portal skins.

TicTacToe Gadget
Portal game, just for the fun of it!

UniqueID Gadget 1.1
Query an LDAP database for unique ID choices.

Vitality Gadget
Read the loginTime attribute using a PortalConnection and present it in a statistical overview.

Weather Gadget
A Weather Gadget to be used for Novell Portal Services or Novell exteNd Director Standard.

XHTML Gadget for NPS
An alternative approach to the HTML gadget that ships with Novell Portal Services (NPS) / Novell eXtend Director 4.1 Standard Edition.

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