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AppMind 3.5.1
Complete solution for application surveillance.

BorderManager Filters Database 2.4
Monitor changes in BorderManager filters file.

BorderManager XML Parsing Scripts
Manage large ACL lists for BorderManager.

BorderReporter 2.1
BorderManager log analyzer.

Graph your server's traffic and more.

CPUMon 1.1
Monitor CPU utilization on NetWare servers.

Desktop Portals
Generates a web page displaying the Health Monitor traffic lights for all servers.

System Tray indicator for directory monitoring.

DirXmlMon 1.0.7
Monitors State of Drivers

Disk Checker for NetWare (WATCH.ABC)
Notification of problems with mirror status or redirected block count.

Disk Triage 8.1.5
Disk space sizing and analysis utility.

Elapsed Time 4
Determine elapsed time of LDAP searches.

Filemon v7.04
Monitors and displays file system activity on a system in real-time.

Monitors events, like worker hires and terminations, to validate they were properly updated in a number of destinations.

GroupWise Accounting Data Report 2.0
Generate a report on users' email traffic.

GroupWise SNMP Monitor
Perl script that uses SNMP to report some critical statistics on your GroupWise GWIA, MTA, and WebAccess servers.

For getting users' mailbox size from GWCHECK.LOG.

Intercept program calls and show the command line parameters.

Internet Access Control (1.1.1)
Limits access to applications on specified computers.

Linux Monitoring Tool
Collection of tools and scripts to monitor and record various resources. View graphs in HTML.

A log4j wrapper for Novell Portal Services / Novell exteNd Director v4.1 Standard Edition.

Message Alert 5.1
Make your users sign the dotted line electronically. Updated with new features.

Monitor individual drivers on NW, Linux, and Windows, as well as some LDAP search/auth performance and directory sync.

Monitor Identity Manager - eDirectory Driver Synchronization with Nagios
Check Novell Identity Manager synchronization between eDirectory trees using ldap.

Monitor ZLM queue entries with Nagios
This program monitors the ZLM queue and reports problems back.

A host and service monitor designed to inform you of network problems before your clients, end-users or managers do.

NDS Automatic Health Check, Repair, and Report
Perform automated DS health check and DSREPAIR with logging and summary report.

NDS Expediter
Verify, inspect, backup, restore and monitor objects on specifically selected replicas.

NetConsole Launcher
Aids in licensing issues by closing the launcher when NetConsole closes.

NetServerMon 3.0
Monitor and compare all your Novell Server's Partitions, utilization, NLMs, SET parameters, user connections, File open/locks and more.

NetWare Care
Use CRON and STUFFKEY with these simple, basic, timesaving proactive management scripts.

NetWare Control Center 3.1.2
Novell Logfile Analyzer with Realtime Event Monitoring, Alerting and Reporting.

NetWare Disk IO Monitoring with Nagios
Nagios Script for Monitoring Novell NetWare Disk IO.

NetWare Server Monitor for Win32
Monitor the overall status of multiple NetWare Servers.

Monitor multiple users on different servers at a glance.

Compare module versions on several servers on a DS Tree.

Display all NetWare servers in a GUI interface.

Parser to toptool logs
Generate graphs and reports from the toptool logs.

Portlock Disk Test (Version 3.03) for NetWare
Test disk drives and NetWare partitions.

Program Monitor
A program killer that cannot be bypassed by renaming the exe.

SAP Snoop
Gather real-time SP broadcasts.

ScanWindows (1.1.1)
Command line utility to scan the current running applications and windows and close any undesirable ones.

Server Status HTML Page
Generate HTML Server Status page, with graphs.

SLP Browser.

Get uptime and status of servers.

SvcEvents Service
Monitor Windows Login/Logoff/Shutdown Events
Python script that transforms your syslog-ng formatted messages from your logfile into an atom feed. So now you can use you favorite feed reader to keep up with your logs!

TeamPlanner for GroupWise
Display appointments of multiple users.

Emulates Telnet terminal on NetWare 386 file server.

TKInfo Tool
Script that creates four reports for monitoring information about keys.

NetWare Remote Manager plugin to track and trend eDirectory statistics.

TrustNDS 1.4
Find all file and directory trustee rights and inherited rights on all volumes.

Web-based interface for system administration for Unix.

Yet Another ZISD Editor
Simple and small ZISD editor.

ZedMon 3.26
NetWare Server Monitor for Windows 2000/XP.

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