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Distribute applications, copy directories and grant directory rights to many servers.

Automated Location Configuration 1.2
Automatically set LDAP contextless, NT environment variable and ZENworks workstation import server before first login.

Automatic Boot Recovery 1.4
Recovers Dial-in PC's, gateways and other operator-less machines from critical errors.

Avanti's TaskMaster v4 Replication / Synchronization / Automation Utility
Automate server and file management tasks which typically require client execution.

Check GroupWise Users for Password
Batch file to test if GroupWise users have a password and create a report when finished.

Date/time stamp log entries
Generate log entries with a date and time stamp.

Download MHS Distribution Tool 1.21
Data transport to merge GroupWise data with MHS address book without expanding the MHS database.

Everything you'd ever want to do with dates in batch files.

GO - DOS Installation Utilities
Just tell them, "Put the diskette in your drive and type GO!"

GroupWise Start
Start GroupWise and Notify in startup folder ONLY if network is present.

GWIA Log Utility
Allows administrators to get reports out of the GWIA logs.

Send GroupWise Messages from Command Line or Batch File.

Inoculan 4.0 / InoculateIT 4.5x Automatic Workstation Downloads
Batch file to update your AVUPDATE download directory automatically.

Install the NDSAuto Cool Tool to multiple servers.

Installer for 3Com 3C90X NICs
Use MSBATCH.INF to perform unattended Windows 95 install of 3Com 3C90X NICs.

Build your own LDIFs automatically.

LOCATE 2.11e - File Find/ Maintenance
Find files with specific criteria, or find text that is unique to a lost document.

NDS Editor 3.05
NDS management NLM.

Network Configuration Command-line Control
Updated: Simplified syntax for using netsh.exe.

Novell MSI Shortcut Launcher
Launch an advertised MSI shortcut (*.lnk file) directly from a NAL Application Object.

Manage configuration and results files for CRON.NLM in NetWare.

Office User Information
Populate Microsoft Office User Information from user's eDirectory attributes.

Primsrv .01b1
Set Novell primary server at client.

Program Killer
Terminates unauthorized processes.

RLATRSET (Rick Laughinghouse Attribute Value Set)
Set NDS Object attribute values from a command line.

RLATRSYN (Rick Laughinghouse Attribute Value Synchronization)
Synchronizes NDS Object attribute values from a command line.

A utility for running programs on a schedule.

Run a program only if the program has updated.

Add email notifications to your batch files.

TrustNDS 1.4
Find all file and directory trustee rights and inherited rights on all volumes.

Enhanced Windows Message Boxes from the Command Line.

Zauto script
Automatically set image-safe data from DNS lookup in the Linux PXE environment.

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