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Document Management System Meta Data Export
Export Document Management system meta data for a selected GroupWise library.

DSRAZOR for eDirectory/NDS and NetWare
Secure, delegate, administer and audit your eDirectory/NDS and NetWare File Systems. Manage user accounts, report on and manage security settings, delegate helpdesk tasks and more.

DSRAZOR for GroupWise
Secure, delegate, administer and audit your GroupWise installations. Manage user accounts, report on and manage security settings, report disk space usage, manage distribution lists and more.

Export Address Book Group Members to CSV
Exports Address Book Group membership details to a CSV file.

Export Proxy Details
Export details of your proxy accounts to a CSV file.

Export to Disk - Formativ Applet
Save items selected in a GroupWise folder to a user-designated directory on disk.

Formativ Applet: Accounting Codes System Example
Accounting codes to appointments in GroupWise.

Formativ Applet: Add Entry to Address Book
Add sender details of a selected email message into an address book of your choice.

Formativ Applet: Add Sender Addresses to Address Book
Add sender and recipient email addresses from selected messages into an address book.

Formativ Applet: Add Signature
Add an HTML or plain text signature to a message at the current cursor position.

Formativ Applet: Add URLs to Message
Easily insert Web site references (URLs) into a message you're creating.

Formativ Applet: Address Book Entry to Clipboard
Copy address book entry to the windows clipboard.

Formativ Applet: Address Mail from Selected Items
Automatically create a new email message addressed to the senders of selected email messages.

Formativ Applet: Attachment Checker Solution
Scans message for phrases that infer you meant to add an attachment. If phrase found, but no attachments are present, it asks if you forgot to add an attachment.

Formativ Applet: Categories
Assign any GroupWisemessage to one or more user-defined categories and use the 'Category View' applet to view and manage all items you have associated with categories.

Formativ Applet: Copy FromText to Clipboard
Copies the FromText field ofa selected GroupWise message to the Windows clipboard.

Formativ Applet: Create Anniversaries
Create recurring anniversary entries on the same day every year.

Formativ Applet: Create GroupWise Filter
Displays or hides items based on the criteria that you specify.

Formativ Applet: Create Task with Selected Message
Create a posted task and add the selected message as an attachment.

Formativ Applet: CSV Address Book Importer
Enables the import of CSV files into a GroupWise Personal Address Book.

Formativ Applet: Customize Startup Folder
Specify which GroupWise folder should be selected upon startup.

Formativ Applet: Default HTML Font Properties
Now GroupWise can remember your favorite corporate or personal HTML message font color.

Formativ Applet: Delete Attachments From Selected Messages
Remove attachments from received messages, minimizing the space required to store your GroupWise data.

Formativ Applet: DWS Go to Sender's Web Page
Allows you to look at a sender's web page from their Domain name.

Formativ Applet: Emoticons for GroupWise
A visual way to show how you feel when words just aren't enough. Updated: An additional 24 cool emoticons have been added to the default installation.

Formativ Applet: Enable or Disable Document Management Example
Enable or disable GroupWise 6 Document Management menus and functions.

Formativ Applet: Export GroupWise Appointments into Excel
Export GroupWise appointments within a user specified date range into an MS Excel spreadsheet. *Updated release, 11/28/06.

Formativ Applet: Extract NGW Digest Messages
Extracts all individual messages received in single 'digest' form from the NGW Digest listserver.

Formativ Applet: Filing Assistant Solution
Helps keep your email organized by moving one or more selected messages to folders based on the sender's domain name.

Formativ Applet: Find Records in Access Database
Example of how to read information froman Access database.

Formativ Applet: Firefox Bookmarks
Show your Firefox bookmarks in a Formativ Portal.

Formativ Applet: iCal Solution
Share appointments with people using other collaboration software, such as Microsoft Outlook.

Formativ Applet: Import Excel Data into an Address Book
Import Microsoft Excel spreadsheet data into an address book.

Formativ Applet: Insert Attachment List
Inserts an attachment listing at the end of the body text of the current message.

Formativ Applet: Insert Quote Marks
Insert a quote from another area of a GroupWise message.

Formativ Applet: Mailbox Statistics
Produce a statistical report on the volume of messages you sent and received during a user-specified period.

Formativ Applet: Mailbox View
Choose to display all messages or just those which are either unread or which have attachments.

Formativ Applet: Mark All Read
Marks all messages as read in the selected folder and its subfolders.

Formativ Applet: Message Classification
Allows the user to categorize existing email messages as either 'Official' or 'Unofficial'.

Formativ Applet: Modify Posted Task Dates
Applet that allows you to select multiple posted tasks and reassign their start and end dates in one simple step.

Formativ Applet: No Junk Mail
No Junk Mail prevents spam from reaching your mailbox.

Formativ Applet: Outlook Reply Solution
The Outlook Reply solution inserts Outlook-style reply text into email messages when replying or forwarding.

Formativ Applet: Personal Outlook Migration Pack 2.0.3
Migrate Outlook emails, notes, tasks, appointments and contacts into GroupWise. A roll-back feature is included, which allows you to remove migrated items.

Formativ Applet: Print Message
Print a selected GroupWise message and attachment listing.

Formativ Applet: Publish Distribution List
List members of the selected GroupWise distribution list in a Formativ 1.5 portal.

Formativ Applet: Quick Proxy Rights
Quick customization and assignment of current GroupWise account proxy rights to all users in a selected GroupWise address book.

Formativ Applet: Read Novell eDirectory Example
Read user phone numbers out of eDirectory using Formativ.

Formativ Applet: Remind Me
Create automatic reminder messages in your GroupWise account

Formativ Applet: Run Program via Shell Method
This applet demonstrates the Windows Shell code.

Formativ Applet: Save Message and Attachments
Allows you to save the selected message and its attachments into a folder.

Formativ Applet: Send Welcome Message
Sends a welcome message to new users to GroupWise.

Formativ Applet: Set Reply Status
Set the reply status for the selected message.

Formativ Applet: Sort Folders
Sorts the GroupWise folders and sub folders by ascending or descending order.

Formativ Applet: Switch View Mode
A convenient right mouse context menu toggle between text/HTML view mode.

Formativ Applet: Today View Solution
Add new calendar views to GroupWise

Formativ Applet: View Sent Items
Change the folder view withthe click of a button to temporarily display only the sent items within that folder.

Formativ Applet: White Pages
Creates a 'White Pages' view of a GroupWise address book.

Formative Applet: Conditions of Use
A solution example which enforces an organization's Terms and Conditions of Use for the GroupWise system.

Mailbox Cleanup
Reduce your mailbox size by deleting/moving messages from your account within a given date range.

Show all file- and message-attachments of a selected GroupWise message in a treeview.

Quick Send
Sends one copy of the current open email message to each recipient email address stored in a flat text file.

Remove Duplicate Address Book Entries
Removes duplicate entries from a personal address book.

SQL Example
Find records in a sample database and display the results in a Formativ portal.

Web Browser
Add a generic web browser window to the GroupWise client to display any valid Internet or Intranet URL.

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