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iFolder Detector
Remotely detect the version of iFolder.

(B)(A)sh (P)honebook (S)cript
Quick bash phonebook.

(R)emove (L)anguage (D)irectories
Free up space on SYS: volume.

.NET Universal LDAP Connector (ULC)
An object to communicate with LDAP servers.

ABENDLogFilter Utility
This utility rewrites the ABEND.LOG into a more readable and useful format.

Achat - Password tool
Admin tool to synchronize user passwords between Novell NetWare and GroupWise.

Aclock - Ascii Analog Clock
Analog Clock for NetWare Console.

Add mount points to FSTAB
Automount mail and opt directories from a main NFS server.

AdRem Free Remote Console 5
Free remote access to NetWare server console.

AnyKey AnyFile
AnyFile is a client/server application which prepares larges files/folders for download by external party, notifying them by email with download instructions.

Automated Root Password Change Script for Multiple Systems
BASH script to gather system names and change root password.

Backup4all 3.10.281
Customizable backup software for full, incremental, differential and mirror backups.

Bash - Making use of your .bashrc file
A sample .bashrc file.

Bash - Simple Phone Book using kdialog
A simple bash phone book with GUI interface.

Bash Batch Image Processing Script
Manipulate entire directories of images all at once.

BASH: cool functions for your .bashrc file
Weather, stock, translate, and define functions for your .bashrc.file.

Big File Creator
Creates large files on NSS volumes, even larger than 4GB.

CASLAN Fastbooker 1.05
Make appointments fast and simple!

CASLAN Labelprint 1.05 - GW Address Book Label Print
Allows you to print address labels directly from GroupWise.

Change Event Epoch
Stop an existing active EFL epoch and start a new active epoch for a specified NSS volume.

Change Telephone Numbers
Mass modification of telephone numbers from the console of server NW6.5

Check eDirectory LDAP Statistics with Nagios
This program can be used to monitor the number of ldap searches and errors with Nagios.

Check GroupWise Users for Password
Batch file to test if GroupWise users have a password and create a report when finished.

Install programs so they can be removed even if compiled and installed from source.

check_gwiaRL Plugin for Nagios 2.0
Parsing GWIA.XML File created by Redline to get info for Nagios.

Clear Station All
Bounce OES Linux Server without broadcast messages.

Administrative Template for Novell Client 4.9x.

CN to DN Resolver, 0.9
Use existing login ID for GroupWise in a NetWare 4 environment.

Configuring iFolder on Linux clusters (OES SP2)
Automate the configuration of iFolder on OES SP2 Linux clusters.

Consecutive start NLMs
PERL Script.

ConsoleOne Booster
Select ConsoleOne SnapIns at Startup.

Convert list of group names and its members to CSV and TSV file for reporting
List all groups on a server with its members in a CSV file and a TSV file.

Create an Integrated OES 2/SLES 10 SP1 DVD Image
This script combines the OES 2 ISO and the SLES 10 SP1 ISO into a single integrated DVD image for easier OES 2 installation.

Create Backup Copy of File Every N minutes
Perl script creates a backup copy of a file every N minutes.

Create Trustee Audit Report
Creates a trustee audit report that includes Trustees assigned to a folder and their rights, and if any trustees are groups it will list the groups and their members.

Customized View for GroupWise 4.1
Create customized views and get task reminder messages.

Date Difference - C3PO
Adds Date Difference to the Tools menu of the GroupWise main window and to all Calendar views.

Dekart Logon
Password-replacement solution for Windows PCs and Novell Client.

DesktopClean 2.5
Scans local desktop, moves files to a specified network path, then creates shortcuts to moved files on desktop.

DHCP Lease Data Monitoring Utility
Retrieve and display DHCP lease data of a Linux DHCP server.

DisableClose and ShowDesktop
Prevent users from closing the windows that are running scripts.

Disk Space Usage 2.4
Determine where your disk space is being used.

Display netware.metadata File Attribute with xattr APIs
Retrieve and display the data kept in the NetWare.metadata extended attribute on an NSS file on a Linux server.

Display Trustee Assignments
Scan one or more NetWare directories for trustees.

DMS Stripper
Removes the DMS menu items and buttons from the GroupWise client.

Document Management System Meta Data Export
Export Document Management system meta data for a selected GroupWise library.

Down the Server from Command Line or Batch Job.

Download MHS Distribution Tool 1.21
Data transport to merge GroupWise data with MHS address book without expanding the MHS database.

DSRAZOR for eDirectory/NDS and NetWare
Secure, delegate, administer and audit your eDirectory/NDS and NetWare File Systems. Manage user accounts, report on and manage security settings, delegate helpdesk tasks and more.

DSRAZOR for GroupWise
Secure, delegate, administer and audit your GroupWise installations. Manage user accounts, report on and manage security settings, report disk space usage, manage distribution lists and more.

DST Adjuster SPK for NetWare
This SPK updates the DST settings in memory and autoexec.ncf, and patches the Java environment.

DupeTrace 1.5
Utility to "play back" an LDAP trace file.

Dynamic Group
A small utility for creating Dynamic Groups using the Novell Client.

DynaWizard 2.10
Ensures that the workstation returns to its set configuration each time, every time.

Easy paste to
Paste file content from Stardard Input to

Automatically update holidays, company events, etc. in users' calendars.

EasyProxy for GroupWise
Novell GroupWise utility for defining and controlling access to each mailbox in the enterprise.

Enterprise User and Import Management Utility (EMU)
Bulk Manage eDir/NDS and GroupWise accounts, group membership, organizational roles and home directories.

eSMS Gateway for GroupWise
Send SMS directly from your GroupWise system.

Export Address Book Group Members to CSV
Exports Address Book Group membership details to a CSV file.

Export Proxy Details
Export details of your proxy accounts to a CSV file.

Export to Disk - Formativ Applet
Save items selected in a GroupWise folder to a user-designated directory on disk.

Export/Import Installation Sources into YAST
Scripts to allow for the exporting or importing of installation sources into YAST.

EZPage: Simple Paging Software
Use the GroupWise 5.5 or GroupWise 6 address book for sending pages.

Make your IE Favorites consistent across all your different computers with no effort.

File Replication Pro - Native Novell File Replication & Synchronization
Bit Level, Real-Time or Scheduled File Replication & Synchronization

Looks for drive letter conflicts between removable storage devices and mapped network drives and corrects them.

Folder Sync
Yet another synchronization tool used to keep defined pair of folders in sync.

Formativ Applet: Accounting Codes System Example
Accounting codes to appointments in GroupWise.

Formativ Applet: Add Entry to Address Book
Add sender details of a selected email message into an address book of your choice.

Formativ Applet: Add Sender Addresses to Address Book
Add sender and recipient email addresses from selected messages into an address book.

Formativ Applet: Add Signature
Add an HTML or plain text signature to a message at the current cursor position.

Formativ Applet: Add URLs to Message
Easily insert Web site references (URLs) into a message you're creating.

Formativ Applet: Address Book Entry to Clipboard
Copy address book entry to the windows clipboard.

Formativ Applet: Address Mail from Selected Items
Automatically create a new email message addressed to the senders of selected email messages.

Formativ Applet: Attachment Checker Solution
Scans message for phrases that infer you meant to add an attachment. If phrase found, but no attachments are present, it asks if you forgot to add an attachment.

Formativ Applet: Categories
Assign any GroupWisemessage to one or more user-defined categories and use the 'Category View' applet to view and manage all items you have associated with categories.

Formativ Applet: Copy FromText to Clipboard
Copies the FromText field ofa selected GroupWise message to the Windows clipboard.

Formativ Applet: Create Anniversaries
Create recurring anniversary entries on the same day every year.

Formativ Applet: Create GroupWise Filter
Displays or hides items based on the criteria that you specify.

Formativ Applet: Create Task with Selected Message
Create a posted task and add the selected message as an attachment.

Formativ Applet: CSV Address Book Importer
Enables the import of CSV files into a GroupWise Personal Address Book.

Formativ Applet: Customize Startup Folder
Specify which GroupWise folder should be selected upon startup.

Formativ Applet: Default HTML Font Properties
Now GroupWise can remember your favorite corporate or personal HTML message font color.

Formativ Applet: Delete Attachments From Selected Messages
Remove attachments from received messages, minimizing the space required to store your GroupWise data.

Formativ Applet: DWS Go to Sender's Web Page
Allows you to look at a sender's web page from their Domain name.

Formativ Applet: Emoticons for GroupWise
A visual way to show how you feel when words just aren't enough. Updated: An additional 24 cool emoticons have been added to the default installation.

Formativ Applet: Enable or Disable Document Management Example
Enable or disable GroupWise 6 Document Management menus and functions.

Formativ Applet: Export GroupWise Appointments into Excel
Export GroupWise appointments within a user specified date range into an MS Excel spreadsheet. *Updated release, 11/28/06.

Formativ Applet: Extract NGW Digest Messages
Extracts all individual messages received in single 'digest' form from the NGW Digest listserver.

Formativ Applet: Filing Assistant Solution
Helps keep your email organized by moving one or more selected messages to folders based on the sender's domain name.

Formativ Applet: Find Records in Access Database
Example of how to read information froman Access database.

Formativ Applet: Firefox Bookmarks
Show your Firefox bookmarks in a Formativ Portal.

Formativ Applet: iCal Solution
Share appointments with people using other collaboration software, such as Microsoft Outlook.

Formativ Applet: Import Excel Data into an Address Book
Import Microsoft Excel spreadsheet data into an address book.

Formativ Applet: Insert Attachment List
Inserts an attachment listing at the end of the body text of the current message.

Formativ Applet: Insert Quote Marks
Insert a quote from another area of a GroupWise message.

Formativ Applet: Mailbox Statistics
Produce a statistical report on the volume of messages you sent and received during a user-specified period.

Formativ Applet: Mailbox View
Choose to display all messages or just those which are either unread or which have attachments.

Formativ Applet: Mark All Read
Marks all messages as read in the selected folder and its subfolders.

Formativ Applet: Message Classification
Allows the user to categorize existing email messages as either 'Official' or 'Unofficial'.

Formativ Applet: Modify Posted Task Dates
Applet that allows you to select multiple posted tasks and reassign their start and end dates in one simple step.

Formativ Applet: No Junk Mail
No Junk Mail prevents spam from reaching your mailbox.

Formativ Applet: Outlook Reply Solution
The Outlook Reply solution inserts Outlook-style reply text into email messages when replying or forwarding.

Formativ Applet: Personal Outlook Migration Pack 2.0.3
Migrate Outlook emails, notes, tasks, appointments and contacts into GroupWise. A roll-back feature is included, which allows you to remove migrated items.

Formativ Applet: Print Message
Print a selected GroupWise message and attachment listing.

Formativ Applet: Publish Distribution List
List members of the selected GroupWise distribution list in a Formativ 1.5 portal.

Formativ Applet: Quick Proxy Rights
Quick customization and assignment of current GroupWise account proxy rights to all users in a selected GroupWise address book.

Formativ Applet: Remind Me
Create automatic reminder messages in your GroupWise account

Formativ Applet: Run Program via Shell Method
This applet demonstrates the Windows Shell code.

Formativ Applet: Save Message and Attachments
Allows you to save the selected message and its attachments into a folder.

Formativ Applet: Send Welcome Message
Sends a welcome message to new users to GroupWise.

Formativ Applet: Set Reply Status
Set the reply status for the selected message.

Formativ Applet: Sort Folders
Sorts the GroupWise folders and sub folders by ascending or descending order.

Formativ Applet: Switch View Mode
A convenient right mouse context menu toggle between text/HTML view mode.

Formativ Applet: Today View Solution
Add new calendar views to GroupWise

Formativ Applet: View Sent Items
Change the folder view withthe click of a button to temporarily display only the sent items within that folder.

Formativ Applet: White Pages
Creates a 'White Pages' view of a GroupWise address book.

Forwarded Mail - C3PO
When you open a forwarded message, if the message box is empty, the attached message is automatically opened. When you close one of the views, they all close.

FSSync 1.8
File operations (delete, copy, purge..) with some Novell specific add-ons (purge, truee/IRM-copy)

Get Linux File Attributes
This perl script lists standard information about a file including the attributes that are set.

Get NDS Name
This Perl script returns what the eDirectory name is for an existing NSS storage pool.

Get NSS Pool Info
This perl script lists detailed information about the NSS pool.

Global GroupWise Distribution List Synchronization
Creates and Synchronizes Global GroupWise Distribution Lists.

GNE Gwiser 2.0
Simplified folder management, reports, events and appointments in your GroupWise Client.

GroupWise - Import Address Book from CSV-Files
Let users select CSV-Values and their associations in the GroupWise Address Book using Internet Explorer.

GroupWise 5.2 Utility to Mark Messages Read
Add a GroupWise 5.5 functionality to GroupWise 5.2.

GroupWise 5.x Document Management Utilities
Set of Document Management utilities that were created for GroupWise 5.5 and work like a charm.

GroupWise 7.0.2 View Designer
Send mail messages with a personal or professional touch, such as a graphic of your favorite hobby or a company logo.

GroupWise Accounting Data Report 2.0
Generate a report on users' email traffic.

GroupWise Address Book Wizard
Enables a user to Import/Export to/from any GroupWise Address Book from/to any file in either csv, txt or xml format.

GroupWise Address Merge Utility
Merge multiple personal address books into a single address book tab, without any duplicatee-mail addresses.

GroupWise ADM for Language Settings
ADM file to set the language for the GroupWise client via GPO.

GroupWise Alias Generation Tool
Populate gateway aliases for GroupWise.

GroupWise Appointment Notify for Linux
Makes an https connection to WebAccess, and notifies you of upcoming appointments.

GroupWise biggest E-mail stats
This perl script processes the output of GWCheck or ConsoleOne where you select Expire Statistics Items larger than...

GroupWise Calendar Exporter
Export GroupWise 6.5 calendar entries to CSV format.

GroupWise Calstart
View calendar on GroupWise startup.

GroupWise Converter
Migrate address books and calendars to GroupWise

GroupWise Create Calendar Utility Web (CCUweb)
Creates individual department, school, resource or combined school district Web calendars by extracting the data from individual GroupWise accounts.

GroupWise Distribution List Import (GWDLI)
Command line tool for adding or removing users from GroupWise distribution lists.

GroupWise Footnote
Add global signatures and perform Virus scanning.

GroupWise HyperLink C3PO
Hyperlink inserter with file browser.

GroupWise Import Utility (GWIU)
Automated creation of user accounts in GroupWise and (optionally) eDirectory.

GroupWise Log Filter
GroupWise 6.5 Mail Statistics Log Parsing Program.

GroupWise Log Parser 1.6.0
Parsing GroupWise contents check for mailbox statistics.

GroupWise Mail Saver
Save a whole folder of messages, including attachments, to simple text files on disk, with one click.

GroupWise Mailbox Audit Log to CSV Converter
This VB script converts several GroupWise gwcheck Audit Logs to a comma delimited file.

GroupWise Mailbox Size Parser (GWCHECK.LOG)
Creates a neat HTM report of the GWCheck.log with the size of each mailbox.

GroupWise MailTo Protocol Handler - C3PO
If you use Internet Explorer, make GroupWise your default mail program.

GroupWise Nickname Import (GWNI)
Allows for the mass importing of GroupWise Nicknames.

GroupWise Password Reset Utility (GWPR)
Allows for mass GroupWise password changes.

GroupWise Password Set (GWPASSWD)
Command line utility which can be used to reset GroupWise Passwords.

GroupWise Personal Address Book Advanced Search and Replace
A small self-contained Windows executable program that can manipulate GroupWise on Windows Personal Address Books using Parsing Rules defined in a .SRI text file.

GroupWise Personal Address Book Search & Replace 1.2
Search & replace of a GroupWise user's personal address books.

GroupWise Resource Archive
An invaluable source of GroupWise information.

GroupWise RSS Reader
Reads in preconfigured RSS feeds and stores them as messages in GroupWise.

GroupWise Snapins for the API Gateway
GroupWise 5.5 Snapins for NetWare Administrator (NWAdmin). They are to be used with the GroupWise API Gateway.

GroupWise SNMP Monitor
Perl script that uses SNMP to report some critical statistics on your GroupWise GWIA, MTA, and WebAccess servers.

GroupWise Start
Start GroupWise and Notify in startup folder ONLY if network is present.

GroupWise Toolbox 1.8
Expand the functionality of Novell GroupWise.

GroupWise View Designer 7.0.1
Send mail messages with a personal or professional touch, such as a graphic of your favorite hobby or a company logo.

Generate a list of objects with the missing Guid.

GW Launch Wrapper Utility 1.86
Access multiple GroupWise accounts or systems from a single icon.

GW NAB Format.xls
Worksheet to quickly help you build a Novell Address book file to import into GroupWise from minimal data.

GW Stats - A Perl Script for Windows and NetWare
Creates HTML (viewable in any browser) rendering of the GWCHECK log files, sorted by size of mailbox.

GW Strip
Strip attachments from incoming/sent messages

Addressbook from Dutch to English.

Easily report, sort, and trend on user's email statistics, mailbox sizes, and space taken by attachments.

GWAVA (previously MTASieve)
GroupWise anti-virus and eSecurity agent with content filtering, attachment blocking, and anti-spam tools.

For getting users' mailbox size from GWCHECK.LOG.

GWCommander v3
A flexible GroupWise management framework.

Convert GroupWise API Gateway output tagged-field files to Comma Separated Value file.

GWIA Log Utility
Allows administrators to get reports out of the GWIA logs.

GroupWise mail merge add-on to create serial letters and emails within GroupWise.

Smart and convenient replacement of GroupWise Notify.

Mark GroupWise emails as opened to facilitate Auto Archiving.

This tool will parse a GWCheck log file into a more readable comma-delimited file.

A smart GroupWise Quoting replacement.

GWReply - C3PO
Provides Internet style prefixing when replying to a mail message.

Bulk export of GroupWise 7 email messages to standard mime (*.eml) format.

Send GroupWise Messages from Command Line or Batch File.

Keep sensitive messages safe from prying eyes.

GroupWise 6.x graphical startup interface.

Manage corporate Shared Folders centrally and without end-user intervention.

Help Is On The Way - C3PO
Replaces the 'Link to the Novell Homepage' menu item under the Help menu with 'Cool Solutions Home Page'.

Home Directory Changer 2.0
Change the attributes from one volume to another after a server consolidation.

Home directory checker
Simple automated checker for home directories without users.

Checks if a specified host is reachable and then returns the ERRORLEVEL value back to the CMD.

Automatically import certificate from eDirectory into local key store for iManager plugins to communicate over SSL.

Incremental GroupWise Database Backups
How to use a shell to backup GroupWise databases.

Shows a .rtf file for a predefined time interval.

IPListLaunch 1.0
List IP addresses and usernames for a NetWare server.

Command line tool to test for alive (or listening) TCP ports.

iPrint Map Links
Modified version of map tool to handle geographical maps.

iPrint-like Printer Maps for NDPS Environments
Provides an internet protocol handler (prnt:) to install printers on Windows 2000/XP clients via an HTML page similar to Novell's iPrint maps.

Java Based NetWare FTP Command Line Utilities 1.9C
Java based NetWare to NetWare FTP based utilities capable of single file, single directory or single directory tree FTP operations.

Reports disk and folder volume usage.

Linux Activate Pool Snapshot
This tool activates a previously created Linux NSS Pool Snapshot.

Linux Add Pool
This tool creates an NSS pool on a specified device.

Linux Add Pool Snapshot
This tool creates a Linux NSS pool Snapshot on a specified device.

Linux Add Trustee
Perl Script for adding a trustee with scan rights to an NSS file.

Linux Add Volume
This tool creates a volume on a previously created Linux NSS Pool.

Linux Control Tomcat
Program to control the Tomcat server on Linux machine.

Linux Deactivate Pool Snapshot
This tool deactivates a previously activated Linux NSS Pool Snapshot.

Linux Device Lister
List devices on an OES Linux Server which have NSS installed.

Linux Get File IDs
This perl script allows a user to see the creator, archiver, modifier, and metaDataModifier of an NSS file.

Linux Get File Trustees
This Perl script lists the file trustees, and users' effective rights.

Linux Get Inactive Epoch Interval
Perl Script for getting the interval length that an inactive epoch will remain on the system before being removed.

Linux Get Pool Snapshot Info
This tool retrieves detailed information about a specified Linux NSS Pool Snapshot.

Linux List All Files
Utility for listing all files on an NSS Volume on a Linux Server.

Linux List Pool Snapshots
This tool lists Linux NSS Snapshot pools.

Linux Login to NetWare Script
Easy to use script for making an NCP connection to NetWare.

Linux Mount Volumes
Script for remote mounting from NSS volumes.

Linux Ping Epoch
Pings an inactive Epoch to prevent it from being removed.

Linux Remove Pool Snapshot
This tool deletes a specified NSS pool Snapshot.

Linux Set File IDs
This Perl script sets the creator, archiver, modifier, and metaDataModifier of a specified NSS file to an eDir user with the format .CN=user.O=organization.T=TREE_NAME.

List all EFL Epochs
List all EFL epochs for an NSS Volume on a Linux Server.

List Extended Attributes with xattr APIs
List extended attributes on NSS files on a Linux Server.

List File Events
List files that have had changes to file data or metadata during a specified time called an Epoch.

List Meta-Data Archive
Lists files with the meta-data archive bit set.

List TSA Utility
List the SMDRs and TSAs available and test the connections to both on a server.

Low Swap Space Notification
Notifies when free swap space is less than n bytes.

LSENDMAG - Wake On LAN - (SUSE Linux)
Remotely turn on workstations and servers.

Single command to back up all important system information.

Mailbox Cleanup
Reduce your mailbox size by deleting/moving messages from your account within a given date range.

Transfer Banyan mail to GroupWise.

Show all file- and message-attachments of a selected GroupWise message in a treeview.

Maintenance SPK
Use ZENworks to add the minimum patches after a Support Pack for OES NetWare.

Memory Tuning Calculator for NetWare 6.5
Generates a set of specific recommended tuning parameters for a NetWare 6.5 server.

Monitor individual drivers on NW, Linux, and Windows, as well as some LDAP search/auth performance and directory sync.

Win32 based Workstation equivalent for the MODULES console command.

Month View - C3PO
Lets you view appointments, notes, and tasks by month.

Create effective online learning communities.

Mozilla Mail LDIF to vCard Converter
A PHP library/command-line tool for converting Mozilla Address Book LDIFs to vCards for GroupWise.

Multi-Server Monitoring System Vers. 3.20
A new very useful tool for a real-time, continuous control of servers' activities and connections between them.

Multilingual Speller Install Utility
Support the collaboration of multiple languages from the workstation.

Synchronize two directory subtrees by NCP.

NCS Volume Resource Validation Tool
Checks eDirectory object associations for NCS volume resources on OES Linux.

NDPS/iPrint Print Queue Monitoring by Nagios
Monitor Print Queue Size of NDPS or iPP Print Queue on a Linux or NetWare Server.

NDS ActiveX controls for Web-based authentication.

Netscape Address Book Import
Import Netscape address book into GroupWise.

NetWare Control Center 3.1.2
Novell Logfile Analyzer with Realtime Event Monitoring, Alerting and Reporting.

NetWare Detector
Remotely detect the version and other information about NetWare system.

NetWare Disk IO Monitoring with Nagios
Nagios Script for Monitoring Novell NetWare Disk IO.

NetWare File Server Activity Daemon (fadmn.nlm 2.00.a and fadmnexp.nlm 0.01.a)
NetWare file server utilities allow you to view real-time file access events and write to log file or send to syslog daemons.

Network Configuration Command-line Control
Updated: Simplified syntax for using netsh.exe.

Network login/logout utility
Provides easy access to the Novell network login interface.

This script is made to test networking hardware and software in a simple way by verifying packets travel reliably across the network.

NLM Inventory Tool 4.0
Updated: Use MS Word and MS Access to inventory the NLMs on your servers and other Config.txt file data.

NordicEdge One-time password authentication for Novell GroupWise 7 WebAccess
Strong authentication using NordicEdge One-time password authentication for GroupWise 7 WebAccess.

Notify GWWebUsers over SMS when Log in to GWWEBACCESS
Notify GwWebAccess users when log in to the GWWEBACCESS.

Novell GroupWise 7.0.2 HP View Designer
New version of GroupWise View Designer for the 7.0.2 HP or greater GroupWise Windows client.

NSS Pool lister for Linux
List all NSS Pools on an OES Linux Server.

NSS Volume lister for Linux
List all NSS Volumes on an OES Linux Server.

NW Activate Pool Snapshot
This Perl script activates a specified pool snapshot.

NW Add Pool Snapshot
This Perl script creates a snapshot (snapName) of a (pool) and designates another pool (snapPoolName) as a snapshot data repository.

NW File Event List
This utility creates a list of modified files for a specific EFL epoch on a specified NSS volume.

NW Get File Time Info
This tool returns the stored times for all metadata. (ie. creation, modified, archived, accessed and metadata modified time).

NW List Epochs
This perl script Lists all EFL epochs for an NSS Volume on a NetWare Server.

NW List Pool Snapshot
This Perl script lists pool snapshots on a server.

NW Ping Epoch
This perl script pings an inactive Epoch to prevent it from being removed.

NW Remove Event Epoch
This perl script removes and EFL epoch and its file event list.

NW Reset Event List
This utility will remove all Event File List (EFL) Event Epochs, both active and used, for a specified NSS volume.

NW Start Event Epoch
This utility will start a new active Event File List (EFL) Event Epoch for a specified NSS volume.

NW Stop Event Epoch
This perl script will stop the current Event File List (EFL) Event Epoch for a specified NSS volume.

NWAddIn - Novell NetWare Reporting in Microsoft Excel
Novell NetWare add-in for Microsoft Excel provides functions to extract Novell NetWare Server and Volume details.

Determine how much free disk space is available on NetWare servers.

NWMON.NLM : NetWare Monitoring
Basic OS and eDirectory statistics for Novell NetWare 6.x servers with reporting via Novell Remote Manager.

OES Autoyast AID (Auto-installation tool)
Script creates an Autoyast Profile for use with OES SP2 Linux.

OES SP2 Update Tool
A script file that combines all of the steps needed to update an OES server to OES SP2.

OES/Linux Patch Installer
Script to interactively install patches using rug.

System paging size report

Parser to toptool logs
Generate graphs and reports from the toptool logs.

PASSChg 2.9 (Beta)
End user XP/NT/NDS/GroupWise password change and synchronize program for NetWare environments.

Update previous versions of the POP-Forwarding Agent (PFA) to the Release 6 level.

PINpoint - Mobile BlackBerry Directory
A corporate application that distributes an up-to-date listing of users defined in BlackBerry Enterprise Servers (BES) to some or all enterprise-activated devices.

PortaMail 2002
Synchronize Calendar, Tasks, (Email + Attachments) and Contacts with any 32-Bit version of GroupWise 5.5.x or 6.x.

PortaMail 2003
This version is written specifically for PocketPC 2003 based devices.

PortaMail 2005
Synchronize the latest Windows Mobile based devices with GroupWise 5.5+/6.5+/7.x+

PortaMail 6.5
Synchronize Pocket PC 2000/2002/2003/2003SE Pocket Outlook with GroupWise 6.5.

PortaMail for SmartPhone
Synchronize Microsoft SmartPhones with GroupWise 5.5 and later.

Portlock Linux Boot CD
Comprehensive tool for managing storage on DOS, Linux, NetWare and Windows systems.

Prevent Unwanted Files
Server-based tool to prevent unwanted files from using resources on your network.

Primsrv .01b1
Set Novell primary server at client.

Print Item List - C3PO
Print the selected (or all) items from a GroupWise item list control to an HTML file using a report template.

Printer Driver Generator
Generate INF-based printer drivers without iPrint.

Proxy Rights Checker
Find out what proxy rights your GW users have given to whom.

Create custom PXE menus.

Quick Send
Sends one copy of the current open email message to each recipient email address stored in a flat text file.

RconIP Front
A small windows frontend for rconip.

RConJ for Linux
Easily run RConJ on Linux.

RconJ for Mac - Updated
Runs using Java 1.5.0 and is native on Intel Macs so much faster overall.

Remove Duplicate Address Book Entries
Removes duplicate entries from a personal address book.

Remove EFL Epoch
This perl script removes an EFL epoch and its file event list.

Reset Event List
Remove all Event File List Epochs and reset EFL completely.

RobGWLog - GWIA Log Scanner 1.9
Scan GWIA logs (ACCT files) and generate CSV files from the results.

Rohos Welcome
Password-replacement solution for Novell Client for Windows.

Anti-Virus Agent for GroupWise

Script to convert Volume Trustee Report to CSV
Perl script that will convert the text output from the Remote Manager Volume Trustee Report to a CSV file for volume or directory trustee audit.

Scan deleted files, purge deleted file on age.

SEG.NLM: NetWare Memory Analyzer
Memory analysis NLM for Novell NetWare 5.1 and 6.x servers.

Send Attachment Script
Send mail and attachment from server console; handy to use for sending logfiles.

Send GroupWise Email in .NET
Source code developed with VB.NET.

Remotely turn on workstations and servers.

Free up SYS: volume space.

Server Report
Simple Bash script that generates a report for documentation purposes.

Set MetaData Archive Bit
This perl script allows a user to set or clear the metadata archive bit on a specified NSS file.

Simple GroupWise Updater 1.0
Updates MTAs and POAs from a NetWare Server Console.

Simple Password Self-Service
Allows users to change their own password.

SkypeWise (FreeWare)
Fully integrates Skype with GroupWise: see who's online, start IM chat, voice calls from within GroupWise.

SmartSYNC 2007
Synchronize the latest Palm OS based devices with GroupWise 6.5+/7.x+

SmartSYNC Palm Conduit Suite
Synchronize Palm OS based devices with GroupWise 5.5 and later.

SMTP Display Name Utility
Construct SMTP Display on GWIA from eDirectory Attributes.

Space Replace 1.0.1
Script to replace all spaces in file and directory names in a given directory (even recursive if you want).

SQL Example
Find records in a sample database and display the results in a Formativ portal.

Enable administrators of Novell networks to import user details from a SQL server to create the NDS user leaf objects.

Start Event Epoch
Start a new active Event File List (EFL) Event Epoch for a specified NSS volume.

Stop EFL Event Epoch
Stop the current Event File List (EFL) Event Epoch for a specified NSS volume.

SUSE / Novell Pocket PC Themes
Themes for Pocket PCs featuring SUSE / Novell images

SUSE Linux Wallpaper
Linux scores!

Sync Center 2.0
Maintains file synchronization between different volumes or servers as scheduled.

Provides comprehensive synchronization facilities between GroupWise 5 and any PalmOS connected organizer.

Provides comprehensive synchronization facilities between GroupWise 6 and any PalmOS connected organizer.

Performs Shutdown/Restart/Logoff at specified time.
Python script that transforms your syslog-ng formatted messages from your logfile into an atom feed. So now you can use you favorite feed reader to keep up with your logs!

System Information
Collect critical system information for easy reference in one text file.

SysUpTime Network Management System
Efficiently and proactively manage any network of any size.

Use Excel to manage GroupWise address books.
Back up and restore trustee rights.

Remote console with look and feel of RCONSOLE.EXE but secure and bandwidth efficient.

TeamPlanner for GroupWise
Display appointments of multiple users.

The CNW Commander V2.53
Manage drives, directories, and files from the NetWare server console.

The CNW Editor V2.53
The ultimate EDIT.NLM replacement.

TimeZone Update SPK
This SPK updates the Autoexec.ncf, runs the SET command to change the dates for Start/End of Daylight Savings time.

TINY remote control for DOS
Lets you remotely control a Netware DOS machine from Windows or Linux over TCP/IP.

Tip of the Day - C3PO
Displays a GroupWise Tip of the Day each time you start GroupWise, and adds Tip of the Day to your GroupWise Help menu.

Graphical User Interface for diff utility

TKInfo Tool
Script that creates four reports for monitoring information about keys.

Tool for changing the code page of a file/directory name stored on Linux
This tool changes the code page of a file/directory name stored on Linux file systems.

USB Drive Letter Manager
A Windows Service for W2K and higher that gives control over drive letter assignments for USB and Firewire drives. Without a configuration it just detects conflicts with network drive and solves them by assigning a drive letter that is really available.

User/Group Association Utility
Parse two LDIF exports, one only with users and the other only with group information, and check the associations between both.

UserKVYMonitor v1.7.1
The analyzer of user activity on NetWare server with Novell ZENworks Remote Management support.

Users Login/Logout Audit - Vers. 1.18
Registration of these events: user login to a NetWare server / user logout of a NetWare server, night control.

Utility to help remove NCS/BCC, NSS, and ARK iManager plugins
This utility will remove the files on disk for the NCS/BCC, NSS, and ARK iManager plugins.

VCard File import tool for GroupWise
Convert VCard file into a NAB-file.

View Designer for GroupWise 6.51
Create custom views of GroupWise 6.5.

View Designer for Original GroupWise 5.5
Create custom views of GroupWise 5.5.

Virus Scanner for Novell GroupWise 5.5
Filter Viruses fom Incoming Mail Spool Folder.

VOLMON - NetWare Volumes Monitor
An NLM module for monitoring NetWare volumes.

Volume lister
Lists 255 possible volumes and their names.

Web Browser
Add a generic web browser window to the GroupWise client to display any valid Internet or Intranet URL.

Create a user log file to track IP address, computer name, and login time.

WinBiff 3.9a
E-mail notification utility.

Wireshark (previously known as Ethereal)
Multi-platform protocol analyzer.

WebAccess on SonyEricsson P800.

Graphical CHM viewer for *NIX.

XEN3 domU Clone Utility
Allows users to easily clone XEN domU's.

ZedMon 3.26
NetWare Server Monitor for Windows 2000/XP.

ZfD iPrint Mover
Resets iPrint policies to the OES Linux iPrint printers.

ZLM 7 Bundle Handling
Check for Duplicate Packages in an OES Bundle.

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