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Concentrico GW Thread Sorter
A Formativ applet that properly sorts e-mail list threads by subject.

EZPage: Simple Paging Software
Use the GroupWise 5.5 or GroupWise 6 address book for sending pages.

GroupWise - Import Address Book from CSV-Files
Let users select CSV-Values and their associations in the GroupWise Address Book using Internet Explorer.

GroupWise Address Book Wizard
Enables a user to Import/Export to/from any GroupWise Address Book from/to any file in either csv, txt or xml format.

GroupWise Converter
Migrate address books and calendars to GroupWise

GroupWise Personal Address Book Advanced Search and Replace
A small self-contained Windows executable program that can manipulate GroupWise on Windows Personal Address Books using Parsing Rules defined in a .SRI text file.

GroupWise Toolbox 1.8
Expand the functionality of Novell GroupWise.

GW NAB Format.xls
Worksheet to quickly help you build a Novell Address book file to import into GroupWise from minimal data.

Addressbook from Dutch to English.

Manage corporate Shared Folders centrally and without end-user intervention.

Mozilla Mail LDIF to vCard Converter
A PHP library/command-line tool for converting Mozilla Address Book LDIFs to vCards for GroupWise.

Remove Duplicate Address Book Entries
Removes duplicate entries from a personal address book.

SkypeWise (FreeWare)
Fully integrates Skype with GroupWise: see who's online, start IM chat, voice calls from within GroupWise.

SSLBridge: Samba Web Application
Open Source Samba Web-Based Interface.

Use Excel to manage GroupWise address books.

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