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AppNote Tool: A J2EE Application Example
An Asynchronous Transaction-Enabled J2EE Application: A Message Driven Bean Example

AppNote Tool: Error Process Source Code
Error Processing in exteNd Composer: Simplifying Maintenance and Debugging

AppNote Tool: Example containing a SilverStream database and code.
How to Dispatch Requests and Information Between Classic Applications and J2EE Applications

AppNote Tool: Sample Code for Integrating Log4j
Integrate Log4j and Novell exteNd Application Server.

Appnote Tool: SilverMasterExtract
How to Replicate User and Group Information Between exteNd Application Servers.

Lesspace 3.4 - DOS TSR utility
Fix "space" errors on large hard disk drives.

Provisioning Workflow: exteNding Novell Identity Manager 2
Demonstrates sophisticated multi-step exteNd provisioning workflows for Identity Manager 2.

Weather Gadget
A Weather Gadget to be used for Novell Portal Services or Novell exteNd Director Standard.

XHTML Gadget for NPS
An alternative approach to the HTML gadget that ships with Novell Portal Services (NPS) / Novell eXtend Director 4.1 Standard Edition.

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