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Installs the ZENworks Server Management MMS agent-3.02

A SPK that allows to you customize then compile the CPK for the ZENworks server Management Agent-3.02.

Installs the ZENworks Server Management MMS agent-6.5.

NetWare 6 SPK-allows you to customize and patch a NetWare 6. server

Achat - Application Tool
Admin tool import, export and associate ZEN applications.

Achat - ZENworks tool
Read, delete and synchronize the ZISD-Infos.

Add to host
Add DNS names to host file.

Dynamically add fonts using ZENworks.

ADM File Utilities 2.5
Customize .ADM files.

Administrative Template
Control Windows services startup settings via ZENworks.

Allow Users to Install USB Jump Drives
Grant Users and Power Users the ability to install USB mass storage devices.

AmoK DelayDel
Delete files automatically upon reboot.

Anti-Virus Updates
NAV automatic download of new virus definitions.

Distribute applications, copy directories and grant directory rights to many servers.

APPASSOC - An application association utility.
Associate an application object with a user, group, or container, and also set the association flags as requested.

APPCREAT - An application object creation utility.
Create an application object from an application object template (AOT) file.

Application Association Show (RLAASHW) v1.3 for eDir
Shows ZEN Application object Associations and Association Flags from a command line.

Application Launcher Tool
Launch any application / file / URL / link from aZen application object.

Launch URLs, files, or directories through Novell Application Launcher (NAL).

AppNote Tool: Code Samples for System Management BIOS Information
Leveraging the System Management BIOS Information in NetWare-Based Applications.

AppNote Tool: Sample Files for Distributing Netscape Navigator Using ZENworks
Use ZENworks to distribute personalized copies of Netscape Navigator.

Find out how an application is called.

Auto.exe - Win9x Novell Auto Login
Allow the Win9x Novell Client to automatically log in.

Automated Location Configuration 1.2
Automatically set LDAP contextless, NT environment variable and ZENworks workstation import server before first login.

Automatic Boot Recovery 1.4
Recovers Dial-in PC's, gateways and other operator-less machines from critical errors.

Automatic Shut Down Tool
Gives user 30 seconds to cancel the shut down.

AXTClean snAppShot Cleanup Utility
Create a freshly cleaned directory, free of unneeded files.

Display web page upon login.

Bootcd.iso with Samba Client
Store and restore image files from Windows shares.

Installs Bootp.

cDir - Compact Mobile Directory Browser
Remotely access information stored in your organization's Corporate Directory from a RIM BlackBerry, other mobile device, or web portal.

Centralis AXE 3
The processing and publishing tool for ZENworks for Desktops.

Check Log Files
Check log files for the last occurrence of a text string.

Administrative Template for Novell Client 4.9x.

Change registry settings quickly.

Compname v0.6
Display SMBIOS information and change/display the computer name.

CopyDocs 2.01
A Perl program that searches the hard drives for files with the extensions you wish to look for and allows you to copy them elsewhere.

Custom Start Menu Group Policy
Use custom centralized Start Menus for PCs governed by Group Policy.

Custom ZEN Menu
Text-based menu for ZEN Imaging.

Custom ZENworks 65 Boot CD
Build a custom bootcd.iso for ZENworks 6.5 using SUSE 10.

Default Printer GUI
GUI which allows roaming users to select a default printer.

DesktopClean 2.5
Scans local desktop, moves files to a specified network path, then creates shortcuts to moved files on desktop.

Install/Update German agent

Prevent unauthorized access to USB, FireWire, Bluetooth, removable devices, CD-ROMs, floppies, etc.

Dir2AXT 1.0
Create an AXT file from a directory folder.

Remove the Start button on login and disable the ctrl-alt-del and ctrl-alt-esc buttons.

DisableClose and ShowDesktop
Prevent users from closing the windows that are running scripts.

Helps automate app installs from Untrusted Publishers under XP SP2.

DSRAZOR for eDirectory/NDS and NetWare
Secure, delegate, administer and audit your eDirectory/NDS and NetWare File Systems. Manage user accounts, report on and manage security settings, delegate helpdesk tasks and more.

DST Adjuster SPK for NetWare
This SPK updates the DST settings in memory and autoexec.ncf, and patches the Java environment.

Inform users about ZENworks application distributions.

SPK ? allows you to customize and then patch eDIrectory 8.7.3 on NetWare.

SPK ? allows you to customize and then patch eDirectory 8.7.3 on Windows servers.

ENGL Zcnc Lite 1.3
Change the computer name on Windows workstations.

ENGL Zim 4.0 SP1
Scripted menu utility that is designed to enhance ZENworks for Desktops 3.2 and 4.0 imaging.

ENGL ZmgWiz 1.0
ZENworks image (.zmg) file analysis tool.

ENGL Znalhook 1.0
A ZENworks for Desktops Authentication Hook.

ENGL Ztoolkit for Windows 2000/XP
Simplify and automate ZENworks imaging.

ENGL Zwake
ZENworks for Desktops Wake-On-LAN scheduler.

ENGL Zwlancfg 2.0
Windows Wireless Management configuration tool.

Install/Update English agent

Install/Update Spanish agent

Exist 1.0a
Check for the existence of a file in a script.

Folder Redirection for Group Policies
ADM for Folder Redirection with Group Policies in Windows 2000/XP.

GetScreenRes 1.0
Utility that will create registry keys and temporary files to indicate a person's current screen resolution.

Group Policy Template
Track your Group Policy settings with these handy templates.

Group Policy Template
Track your Group Policy settings with these handy templates for Windows 2000/XP and Office 2000/XP/2003.

Group Wake on LAN
Wake all workstations in groups in NDS.

GroupWise ADM for Language Settings
ADM file to set the language for the GroupWise client via GPO.

SPK-allows you to patch GroupWise servers.

SPK-allows you to patch GroupWise servers.

SPK-allows you to patch GroupWise servers.

SPK-allows you to patch GroupWise servers.

Guide to NAL 2.01
Administrator's Guide for using Novell Application Launcher (NAL) 2.01

Help Desk Utility (HDU)
Simplified interface for Help DeskOperators.

Support a Standard Load.

HKUser Registry Editor
Import Settings to any HKUser Tree.

Icons Fix for NAL 2.5
Fix mixed-up icons on Novell Application Launcher (NAL) 2.5.

Imaging Patch for ZENworks for Desktops 3 Abends
Fix server Abend issues.

Imaging Patch for ZENworks for Desktops 3 Client
Update Imaging client.

Inoculan 4.0 / InoculateIT 4.5x Automatic Workstation Downloads
Batch file to update your AVUPDATE download directory automatically.

Update locked or in-use files.

Intercept program calls and show the command line parameters.

Internet Settings Policy Template File
Expose more of Internet Explorer's settings.


iPrint-like Printer Maps for NDPS Environments
Provides an internet protocol handler (prnt:) to install printers on Windows 2000/XP clients via an HTML page similar to Novell's iPrint maps.

Upgrades the NetWare JVM

LANboss Deployer
Application Deployer which uses Novell ZENworks SnAppShots.

Lenovo/IBM Thinkcentre M55e Broadcom Network Driver for ZENworks 4.0.1 IR6
This driver has been compiled for ZENworks 4.0.1 IR6 with Linux kernel 2.4.31.

Linux Drivers
ZfD 3 Imaging Drivers (Linux)

Local Group Policy Folder Redirection (HKCU User Shell)
Enable folder redirection through local group policy.

Maintenance SPK
Use ZENworks to add the minimum patches after a Support Pack for OES NetWare.

Use Perl script to produce an .axt from an entire directory structure .

Maprun 1.1a
Log in and map resources on a Windows NT or NetWare server.

MASS 2.79
Multiple Application Setting Syncer.

Message Alert 5.1
Make your users sign the dotted line electronically. Updated with new features.

Monitor ZLM queue entries with Nagios
This program monitors the ZLM queue and reports problems back.

Prevent relaunching of MSI installations.

MSI Utility
Avoid pushing out a policy to elevate the MSI installer.

MultiRes 1.58
Easily change resolutions and refresh rate preferences for different applications and users.

MyDefault Printer
Quickly change default printer.

Help Troubleshoot Desktop Issues.

NAL Registry Log Creation
To enable ZENworks debugging information for NAL.

NAL Time
Get last distributed time for NAL applications.

NAL Update Utility
Silently Update NAL Components on Windows NT/2K & XP

NALalyse v1.2
Quickly sanity check, document, search & report on ZENworks NAL objects.

Test various aspects of NAL with this diagnostic tool.

Launch a data file or URL using 32-bit NAL.

Access Printer Control without Start Menu or Control Panel.

Programmatically shut down Windows 95 and NT in Logoff, Shutdown, or Restart modes.

NCWSUT32 1.15 (Jan 99)
Stage new or repaired workstation.

NDS "AKA" utility -- Alias Katharsis Application
Facilitate phase-out of aliases employed during changes to tree structures.

NDS-Database Sync for ZfD 2
Synchronize Inventory objects with NDS.

Write context and server to the registry.

NetConsole Launcher
Aids in licensing issues by closing the launcher when NetConsole closes.

NIC driver for ZENworks Imaging
Broadcom 44xx series NIC driver for ZENworks Imaging.

Install/Update Japanese(Simplified) agent

Ninotech Path Copy 4
Shell extension to copy the path of a file or directory to the Clipboard.

No Title Line in DOS Application
IP-Address handling in local HOSTS for AWI in ZfD.

Novell Client Documenter
Find out what client version are running on your network.

Novell MSI Shortcut Launcher
Launch an advertised MSI shortcut (*.lnk file) directly from a NAL Application Object.

Screensaver for locking workstation.

NTRights 1.2
Grant group, file rights or registry rights from settings in the NTRIGHTS.INI file.

NWCli 1.1
Shutdown client programs prior to Automatic Client Upgrade (ACU).

A simple Novell home directory quota watcher.

Upgrades NetWare 6.0 servers to OES NetWare

Password Changer
Allow users to change their passwords even if you've restricted control panel access with ZENworks.

Pause Group Policies
Pauses group policies so an admin can work on a machine under a user's ID

PC Shutdown for Windows XP
Give logged-in users a 15 minute warning before shutting down the PC, with a chance to cancel and continue working.

Temporarily remove policy restrictions, do what needs to be done, then put the policy restrictions back...all without a reboot!

Policy Template File Editor
A Freeware tool for creating and editing ADM files.

Install/Update Portuguese agent

Print Queue Configuration Tool --- SNAP
Setup NDPS printers including paper size, stapler etc.

Program Killer
Terminates unauthorized processes.

PXE Imaging on Serial ATA
PXE imaging for PCs with Serial ATA (SATA) disks.

Create custom PXE menus.

Quick Remote Actions 2
Fast access to the Remote Management features of ZENworks.

Convert registry keys to an ADM template file.

Splashes a yellow box with an editable reminder.ini to send a bold message to users.

Remote Console Launcher
A wrapper for the remote control console program.

Remote Control Utility for ZfD
Helps network admins manage workstations in their environment, without using ConsoleOne.

Remote Control without Novell Client
Right click on a computer in Network Neighborhood for Remote Control.

Remote Management
Remote management of workstation without using ConsoleOne.

Remote Management for ZfD 4x
Remote Control, Remote View, File Transfer, Remote Execute and Diagnostics of workstations without using ConsoleOne.

Removable Media Device Security and Encryption
Disknet Pro provides eDirectory administrators with central control and encryption of removable media-I/O devices, and the ability to monitor user access through these devices.

Remove dead user profiles.

Synchronizes ZEN Application object Application Dependencies from a command line.

RLACOPY 1.6 for NDS (Rick Laughinghouse Copy Application Object)
Copies a ZEN Application object from a command line.

RLAPPSET 1.2 for NDS (Rick Laughinghouse Set Application Object)
Set application object attributes from a command line.

RLATRSET (Rick Laughinghouse Attribute Value Set)
Set NDS Object attribute values from a command line.

RLATRSYN (Rick Laughinghouse Attribute Value Synchronization)
Synchronizes NDS Object attribute values from a command line.

RLPCOPY 1.3 (Rick Laughinghouse Policy Object Copy)
Copy a ZENworks policy object from a command line.

Rogue Process Management Policy
Configure the rogue process feature via a group policy.

RTMonitor 5.0.3
Monitor BorderManager User Activity in real time.

This utility enables you to run a program in a specified window and wait state.

Distribute a program, and hide the window(s) it creates.

Run a program only if the program has updated.

Screensaver Password AOT
Synchronize Screensaver password with NDS.

Installs the Traffic Management for Zenworks server Management ? SPK allows for customization.

Switch from Shell to Shell.

Impersonate a system administrator to change passwords.

Apply self-healing GUIDS.

Simple AXT Creator 1.1.2
Self-contained program that will create an AXT file from a given directory.

Space Replace
Replace spaces in environment variables.

Standalone Package Processor - Linux
This file will provide you a means to process CPKS without having installed ZENworks Server Management on LINUX.

Standalone Package Processor - NetWare and Windows
This file will provide you a means to process CPKS without having installed ZENworks on Netware and Windows.

Static Group
A program that updates the memberlist of a group based on a query like the queries in a Dynamic group.

Stoneware Report Services
Build, secure, and distribute custom reports from Naudit and ZENworks.

Stream File Utility RLSTRSHW 1.1 for NDS
Shows an NDS object's stream attribute value from a command line.

Stream File Utility RLSTRSRC 1.2 for NDS
Searches and replaces a NDS object's stream attribute value from a command line.

Stream File Utility RLSTRSYN for NDS
Synchronizes a NDS Object's stream attribute value from a command line.

SvcEvents Service
Monitor Windows Login/Logoff/Shutdown Events

Third-Party Vendor MIBs
SNMP MIBs that get successfully compiled in ZENworks for Servers 3 & ZENworks for Servers 6.5 - Management and Monitoring Services - SNMP MIB Compiler.

TimeZone Update SPK
This SPK updates the Autoexec.ncf, runs the SET command to change the dates for Start/End of Daylight Savings time.

Installs the Traffic Management for ZENworks server Management.

Installs the Advanced Trending agent for Zenworks Server Management.

Simple verification process after patching for Daylight Saving. End Users click a button to report back with a 'Success' or 'Failure' notice.

TZUpdate For Java - VB Script
VB script addresses DST fixes for JAVA on Windows hosts.

USB Drive Letter tool
Change the drive letter for USB sticks.

USB Key Letter Definition
Set a USB key letter if the pre-defined letter is unavailable.

USB Storage Device AXT
Two AXT files to manage USB storage devices access with ZfD 4.01.

UserKVYMonitor v1.7.1
The analyzer of user activity on NetWare server with Novell ZENworks Remote Management support.

Vendor and Hardware Type Tagging 1.1
Create Registry Keys for Hardware Type and Vendor Name.

Virtual CD Distribution
"Export" one or more NAL objects to removable media (CD, USB).

Vista UAC Maker
Make your applications Vista UAC compliant easily.

Vista UAC Maker Console
Console tool to make your applications Vista UAC compliant easily.

SPK-Allow you to compile a CPK to patch Windows servers

Windows Service Descriptions
Identify what services may have been added, or services that have changed from their normal status on your Windows machine.

Windows XP .ADM System Policies
For use in ZfD 3.2.

Enhanced Windows Message Boxes from the Command Line.

WSName 2.8
Automated method to change a workstation's name.

XXCOPY 2.84.9
Synchronize directory structures between multiple NetWare servers.

Yet Another ZISD Editor
Simple and small ZISD editor.

A GUI front end which generates script files that leverage a subset of the ZfD toolkit to make creating, deleting, associating, and synchronizing application objects much easier.

Stop PXE Services

Upgrades ZENworks Desktop Management 7 sp1 on Linux to sp1

The main CPK for installing ZDM7

The source package to allow customers to rebuild the CPK for their own needs.

ZEN 2 Application Management Tool Kit
Automate and speed many of the application management tasks.

ZEN Grace
Make an application forced run after the user has declined the prompt after X number of times.

ZEN Remote by IP
GUI ZEN Remote Control/Remote View by workstation IP.

ZEN Remote Wrapper for Desktop 4
File Transfer, Diagnostics, and Remote Control.

ZEN7SP1 - C1-ZEN7-SNAP.cpk
Install/Update C1 Snapins

ZEN7SP1 - ChineseS-agent.cpk
Install/Update Chinese(Simplified) Agent

ZEN7SP1 - ChineseT-agent.cpk
Install/Update Chinese(Traditional) Agent

Make sure the ZfD 4.x application launcher system tray icon is visible!

Method of distributing Firefox with ZENworks

ZENifier 1.0
ZENworks Imaging Addon Tool.

Use ZEN Objects with NSBS 5.1.

Short paper on how to track what ZENworks installs, where and when.

Wrapper exe to launch Zen RemoteControl
Check the value of environment vars and return an errorlevel in ZENworks scripts for debugging purposes.

ZENworks 2 Inventory Database Export Tool
Export the ZENworks inventory data in a comma-delimited format.

ZENworks 4.0.1 e1000 driver for HP DC7700
This driver has been compiled for ZENworks 4.0.1 IR6 with Linux kernel 2.4.31.

ZENworks 7 Desktop Management (Imaging) Script
Script to interactively configure the network interface.

ZENworks 7 Desktop Management on Linux Service Pack 1 Hot Patch 4 Backend OES Linux CPK
ZENworks 7 Desktop Management Support Pack 1 Hot Patch 4 Backend OES Linux CPK contains updates to ZENworks 7 Desktop Management with Support Pack 1.

ZENworks 7 Desktop Management Service Pack 1 Hot Patch 4 Backend NetWare CPK
ZENworks 7 Desktop Management Support Pack 1 Hot Patch 4 Backend NetWare CPK contains updates to ZENworks 7 Desktop Management with Support Pack 1.

ZENworks 7 Desktop Management Service Pack 1 Hot Patch 4 Backend Windows CPK Release b
ZENworks 7 Desktop Management Support Pack 1 Hot Patch 4-b Backend Windows CPK contains updates to ZENworks 7 Desktop Management with Support Pack 1.

ZENworks 7 Desktop Management Service Pack 1 Hot Patch 4 ConsoleOne Snapins CPK
ZENworks 7 Desktop Management Support Pack 1 Hot Patch 4 ConsoleOne Snapins CPK contains updates to ZENworks 7 Desktop Management with Support Pack 1.

ZENworks 7 Desktop Management Service Pack 1 Hot Patch 4 Middle Tier NetWare CPK
ZENworks 7 Desktop Management Support Pack 1 Hot Patch 4 Middle Tier NetWare CPK contains updates to ZENworks 7 Desktop Management with Support Pack 1.

ZENworks 7 Desktop Management Service Pack 1 Hot Patch 4 Middle Tier Windows CPK
ZENworks 7 Desktop Management Support Pack 1 Hot Patch 4 Middle Tier Windows CPK contains updates to ZENworks 7 Desktop Management with Support Pack 1.

ZENworks 7 SP1 Imaging on USB
Start the ZENworks 7 imaging from a USB thumbdrive instead of the boot CD.

ZENworks Application Management (NAL) Tool Kit
Manage ZENworks 1.x with this collection of tools.

ZENworks Apps Verify 1.2
Users can verify all of their applications, even the ones not showing up in the NAL!

ZENworks Cleanup Utility
Easily re-distribute Run-Once applications.

ZENworks GUID Erazor
Remove NAL registry keys to force reinstallation of specific packages down to a client.

ZENworks Handheld Management Install CPK
Automatically install or upgrade ZENworks Handheld Management.

ZENworks Image Safe Reader
Search for strings in the ZENworks Image safe area.

ZENworks Imaging Files
Drivers that are post zfd4sp1bservrp1c.exe (30th September 2003).

ZENworks Imaging USB v4.01.05
ZENworks Imaging for USB devices.

ZENworks Imaging USB v6.5
ZENworks Imaging for USB devices.

ZENworks Imaging USB v6.5 Update
ZENworks Imaging for USB devices.

ZENworks Patch Management Uninstall Utility
Completely remove ZPM Agent from a workstation.

ZENworks PXE
Boot up to three NICS with this modified linux2 PXE boot file.

ZENworks Remote Session Request Utility for User on Managed Device
An easy way to request a remote session from the managed device.

ZENworks Replacement Logo
Replacement logo.sys file.

ZENworks XML Reporting
Use NAL XML Reporting to report on ZENworks Imaging.

Remote control access to ZEN workstations without using NWADMIN.

ZENWSBrowser 4.2, Rev.C1
Get Remote Control to a registered ZfD workstation without using ConsoleOne.

Remote control workstations without running NWAdmin.

ZfD 3.x Application Management Tool Kit
Administer ZENworks with NAL tool kit.

ZfD Auto Workstation Import (Version I)
Auto workstation Import really made automatic.

ZfD iPrint Mover
Resets iPrint policies to the OES Linux iPrint printers.

ZfD Mini Inventory
Minimal Inventory Data Scanner for Novell ZENworks for Desktops & ZENworks Asset Inventory.

ZfD Open Files 2.0
Find out which users have files open, and control workstations from the server.

ZfD PXE LDAP Image Utility
LDAP Scripted Workstation Image Objects for ZENworks Preboot Services.

ZfD3 Cluster Snapin
Support workstation inventory in a clustered environment.

ZfD3.2 Group Policies Spreadsheet
Get Group Policies documented.

ZfD4 Redistribute Bug
Prevents redistribution of registry keys after Upgrade to ZfD4.

Deploy ZENWSBrowser without all the unnecessary parts of ConsoleOne.

A fix- it CPK for 3.02 servers only- see 3.02 documentation for more info.

Install Inventory and remote Management for ZENworks server Management

Install Inventory agent for ZENworks server Management.

Install remote Management for ZENworks server Management.

ZISCLEAN - Clear ZIS data under Windows NT/2000
Reset image safe data area for NT environments.

Clear ZENworks Image Safe data from your hard drive when you're finished with it.

ZLM Bundle / Device Report V 1.0
Creates a list of devices where bundle should go, based on bundle selection.

This utility will load the base operating system packages into ZLM.

zRegScan 1.8.4
Allow capture of Windows registry data in the ZENworks for Desktops inventory database.

Install/Update Policy & Distribution Services

Install/Update ZSM Inventory Agent

Install/Update ZSM Remote Management

ZW Desktop Management 7 Deployment
Automated server-based deployment of ZENworks Desktop Management 7.

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