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Add/Delete Users
Scripts to automate creation/deletion of student logins.

Multi-distribution binary packaging framework for Linux systems.

The Network Backup Solution.

Clam AntiVirus
Anti-virus toolkit for UNIX including integration with mail servers (attachment scanning).

Clear Station All
Bounce OES Linux Server without broadcast messages.

Client Trust for Others
Single Sign-on for BorderManager client for Linux.

Create UNIX Home Directories
Create UNIX home directories with Account Manager 2.1 for Linux or Solaris.

A framework for a continuous build process.

Directory Listing
Prints directory listing a.k.a ls command.

Easy paste to
Paste file content from Stardard Input to

eDirectory Backup Script for Linux
Simple script for a full tree backup.

eGuide Driver
Allows eGuide users to download contacts into their personal address book.

Euler for GTK+
Quickly and interactively compute with real and complex numbers and matrices, or with intervals, and draw and animate your functions in two and three dimensions.

Extended Attribute Space
Script for populating extended attribute space in files.

Find executables
Find all executable files even if the file extension has been renamed.

Every supported download manager becomes a download manager for Firefox.

Get Linux File Attributes
This perl script lists standard information about a file including the attributes that are set.

Get NSS Pool Info
This perl script lists detailed information about the NSS pool.

CD burning application - optimized for KDE

Linux Add Trustee
Perl Script for adding a trustee with scan rights to an NSS file.

Linux Drivers
ZfD 3 Imaging Drivers (Linux)

Linux Get Inactive Epoch Interval
Perl Script for getting the interval length that an inactive epoch will remain on the system before being removed.

Linux List All Files
Utility for listing all files on an NSS Volume on a Linux Server.

Linux Login to NetWare Script
Easy to use script for making an NCP connection to NetWare.

Linux Monitoring Tool
Collection of tools and scripts to monitor and record various resources. View graphs in HTML.

Linux Mount Volumes
Script for remote mounting from NSS volumes.

List Address 2.0
List users' network addresses.

List Extended Attributes with xattr APIs
List extended attributes on NSS files on a Linux Server.

List File Events
List files that have had changes to file data or metadata during a specified time called an Epoch.

Mount CDs/DVDs which are only known by the label.

Make ASCII Files
Script for creating ASCII and extended ASCII files.

Mass Home Directory Scripts
Creates or delete home directories from eDirectory LDIF file.

Monitor DirXML/IDM Driver States with Nagios
Bash script to monitor Novell DirXML 1.1 and Identity Manager 2.x/3.x driver states with Nagios.

Monitor Identity Manager - eDirectory Driver Synchronization with Nagios
Check Novell Identity Manager synchronization between eDirectory trees using ldap.

A host and service monitor designed to inform you of network problems before your clients, end-users or managers do.

NCP Client for Linux 0.91
GUI network client to mount Novell NetWare volumes on a Linux box, featuring both IP/IPX support.

NCS Volume Resource Validation Tool
Checks eDirectory object associations for NCS volume resources on OES Linux.

UNIX/Linux command line tool to change NDS password and UNIX/Linux login shell.

NetMail 3.5.2 Mailbox Cleanup Routine
Clean up old E-mail messages according to user-defined parameters from NetMail system.

NetWare Detector
Remotely detect the version and other information about NetWare system.

NIC driver for ZENworks Imaging
Broadcom 44xx series NIC driver for ZENworks Imaging.

NSS Pool lister for Linux
List all NSS Pools on an OES Linux Server.

NSS Volume lister for Linux
List all NSS Volumes on an OES Linux Server.

Determine how much free disk space is available on NetWare servers.

OES/Linux Patch Installer
Script to interactively install patches using rug.

OOo Label Templates templates for making labels with OOo Writer for Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, Solaris, and FreeBSD.

Leading open source platform for the development and delivery of rich Internet applications.

PCID Utility v1.8
Greatly improve the time it takes to connect computers to various NetWare, Linux, and Windows servers from DOS.

PIKT 1.18.2
Cross-categorical, multi-purpose toolkit for common systems administration tasks.

Portlock Linux Boot CD
Comprehensive tool for managing storage on DOS, Linux, NetWare and Windows systems.

RConsoleJ 6 for Linux
Use at a Linux workstation or server to access a local or remote server's console.

RConsoleJ for Linux
Use at a Linux workstation or server to access a local or remote server's console.

Remove EFL Epoch
This perl script removes an EFL epoch and its file event list.

Reset Event List
Remove all Event File List Epochs and reset EFL completely.

Resource Statistics for Linux
Collect CPU, Disk IO, Virtual Memory Statistics & Number of connections on Linux.

Switch easily between xorg-X11 and Xgl.

Script to convert Volume Trustee Report to CSV
Perl script that will convert the text output from the Remote Manager Volume Trustee Report to a CSV file for volume or directory trustee audit.

Send IP
Send an IP or Domain name from a remote site.

Simple LDAP Management Tool, works with eDirectory from Linux
Allows users to easily update multiple users attributes, including passwords from the Linux console.

Start Event Epoch
Start a new active Event File List (EFL) Event Epoch for a specified NSS volume.

Stop EFL Event Epoch
Stop the current Event File List (EFL) Event Epoch for a specified NSS volume.

System Information
Collect critical system information for easy reference in one text file.

Toptool for Linux
Gather CPU, Memory, Virtual Memory & Threads Utilization for a given process on Linux.

Tux with a Flyswatter - Wallpaper
Creative SUSE Linux Desktop Wallpaper.

Virtual Administrator Daemon
Perl scripts and modules for remote server management.

Web-based interface for system administration for Unix.

Wireshark (previously known as Ethereal)
Multi-platform protocol analyzer.

Graphical CHM viewer for *NIX.

XEN3 domU Clone Utility
Allows users to easily clone XEN domU's.

Graphical scanning frontend.

Zauto script
Automatically set image-safe data from DNS lookup in the Linux PXE environment.

ZENworks Imaging Files
Drivers that are post zfd4sp1bservrp1c.exe (30th September 2003).

ZENworks PXE
Boot up to three NICS with this modified linux2 PXE boot file.

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