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AJAX Target Tracking and Animated Replay
Open Source application for adding targets and tracking the history and size of target area.

(B)(A)sh (P)honebook (S)cript
Quick bash phonebook.

Add mount points to FSTAB
Automount mail and opt directories from a main NFS server.

MSN Messenger clone.

Bash - Floating Point Math at the Shell
Your bash shell can be your calculator.

Bash - Make PDF
Create a PDF file from several scanned images.

Bash - Making use of your .bashrc file
A sample .bashrc file.

Bash Batch Image Processing Script
Manipulate entire directories of images all at once.

Bash Interactive Clipboard Script
A clipboard for your bash shell.

Bash Passphrase Encryption
Reads input from text editor and encrypts to screen.

BASH: cool functions for your .bashrc file
Weather, stock, translate, and define functions for your .bashrc.file.

BBIPS - Command Line Utilities
Bash scripts to manipulate entire directories of images.

BET - The Bash Enhancement Tool
Enhance your experience with the bash shell.

Cool hack for getting the Novell Client for Linux working on SUSE Linux 10.0

A wrist-friendly language for the CLI.

Install programs so they can be removed even if compiled and installed from source.

Clam AntiVirus
Anti-virus toolkit for UNIX including integration with mail servers (attachment scanning).

DHCP Lease Data Monitoring Utility
Retrieve and display DHCP lease data of a Linux DHCP server.

DupeTrace 1.5
Utility to "play back" an LDAP trace file.

DVD back-up script with installer and command line options
Script for easy creation of recurring backups to DVD, by user or cron daemon.

Elapsed Time 3.2.1
Determine elapsed time of LDAP searches.

Epiware: Project and Document Management
Open Source web-base project and document management.

Euler for GTK+
Quickly and interactively compute with real and complex numbers and matrices, or with intervals, and draw and animate your functions in two and three dimensions.

Export/Import Installation Sources into YAST
Scripts to allow for the exporting or importing of installation sources into YAST.

Making your computer talk to you is fun.

File Replication Pro - Native Novell File Replication & Synchronization
Bit Level, Real-Time or Scheduled File Replication & Synchronization

A Modern Linux Firewall.

Fix for MATLAB (R14SP2) 64-bit on AMD
Fix for an error - /bin/sh: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory.

Open-source home theatre PC platform based on Linux and a number of open-source audio/video tools.

Homecleaner 1.0.2
Script to remove automatically generated backup files from your home directory.

List Address 2.0
List users' network addresses.

Loginname Shell Script
Reports when specified person logs in.

Single command to back up all important system information.

Make ASCII Files
Script for creating ASCII and extended ASCII files.

Make DVDs from SUSE ISOs.

Mathematica Fix: "delete-next-character"
Script to fix the message "delete-next-character" when installing Mathematica on SUSE 9.0 and up.

Create effective online learning communities.

Parser to toptool logs
Generate graphs and reports from the toptool logs.

Print Costs 2.4.0
Find out how many pages each user has printed and printing costs per user.

Print Dialog and Toolkit
A script for interactive printing with a set of pseudo-printers (djvu, pdf, ps).

Remove EFL Epoch
This perl script removes an EFL epoch and its file event list.

Rootkit Hunter
Easy-to-use tool which checks machines running UNIX (clones) for the presence of rootkits and other unwanted tools.

Switch easily between xorg-X11 and Xgl.

Scan to DjVu
A script for scanning documents to DjVu files.

Space Replace 1.0.1
Script to replace all spaces in file and directory names in a given directory (even recursive if you want).

Space Used Message
Send an Email with the amount of space that every user consumes.

SSLBridge: Samba Web Application
Open Source Samba Web-Based Interface.

A version control system that is a compelling replacement for CVS in the open source community.

SUSE Linux Wallpaper
Linux scores!

A Linux box system information retriever.

System Information
Collect critical system information for easy reference in one text file.

Tux with a Flyswatter - Wallpaper
Creative SUSE Linux Desktop Wallpaper.

Update SUSE Workstations
Update all your SUSE Linux workstations.

Graphical CHM viewer for *NIX.

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