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Achat - Firewall Tool 1.6
Configure Novell BorderManager 3.7 filters and filter exceptions per LDIF files.

AdventNet - OpManager
Monitor your network the SNMP way.

Shows the usage patterns on your Web server.

BMgrSaver v2.1.
Fulfills backup and restore of BorderManager Access Rules of the BorderManager server.

View and save the outgoing rules of BorderManager.

BorderManager 3.8 VPN Configuration Tool
Automate the configuration of BorderManager 3.8 VPN servers.

BorderManager Filters Database 2.4
Monitor changes in BorderManager filters file.

BorderManager Proxy Statistics Tool
Scan BorderManager log files and create useful reports in HTML.

BorderManager Wallpaper
A collection of BorderManager Wallpaper.

BorderManager XML Parsing Scripts
Manage large ACL lists for BorderManager.

BorderReporter 2.1
BorderManager log analyzer.

Client Trust for Others
Single Sign-on for BorderManager client for Linux.

ContentFilter for Novell BorderManager
Filters unwanted websites by performing real-time textual analysis of website page content.

Cool IP Calculator
Provides simple TCP/IP network information

Loq Query Tool
Tool to parse log files and store in a searchable database.

Redhat Proxy Log Parser and Reporting App for BME3x
Report on departmental Web usage of BorderManager proxy servers - for Linux.

RTMonitor 5.0.3
Monitor BorderManager User Activity in real time.

Traffic Tool
Migrate the Traffic rules from BM 3.8 to Later Versions.

Trapper 4.0.0
Controller/analyzer of HTTP traffic for users of Novell BorderManager.

VB Script to Analyze BM Log Files with BRDSTAT
VB script copies files from BorderManager server and parses them into files for the BRSTAT utility to work with.

VB Script to Analyze RADIUS Log Files
Copies files from RADIUS server and parses them, placing rejects into rejects.log files for analysis.

Whois v2.1.0
Get Internet Host Information.

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