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GroupWise 7

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check_gwiaRL Plugin for Nagios 2.0
Parsing GWIA.XML File created by Redline to get info for Nagios.

DSRAZOR for eDirectory/NDS and NetWare
Secure, delegate, administer and audit your eDirectory/NDS and NetWare File Systems. Manage user accounts, report on and manage security settings, delegate helpdesk tasks and more.

DSRAZOR for GroupWise
Secure, delegate, administer and audit your GroupWise installations. Manage user accounts, report on and manage security settings, report disk space usage, manage distribution lists and more.

Automatically update holidays, company events, etc. in users' calendars.

GroupWise Address Book Wizard
Enables a user to Import/Export to/from any GroupWise Address Book from/to any file in either csv, txt or xml format.

GroupWise Appointment Notify for Linux
Makes an https connection to WebAccess, and notifies you of upcoming appointments.

GroupWise SNMP Monitor
Perl script that uses SNMP to report some critical statistics on your GroupWise GWIA, MTA, and WebAccess servers.

GroupWise View Designer 7.0.1
Send mail messages with a personal or professional touch, such as a graphic of your favorite hobby or a company logo.

GWCommander v3
A flexible GroupWise management framework.

Smart and convenient replacement of GroupWise Notify.

Manage corporate Shared Folders centrally and without end-user intervention.

Show all file- and message-attachments of a selected GroupWise message in a treeview.

SkypeWise (FreeWare)
Fully integrates Skype with GroupWise: see who's online, start IM chat, voice calls from within GroupWise.

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