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Configure Password for eDirectory Users
Change/reset passwords for large number of users in eDirectory.

Add Attributes Stylesheet
Allows the addition of attributes specified by a template when creating new accounts.

Advanced Snapin for ConsoleOne
Allows an administrator to define user interfaces for ConsoleOne using industry standard XML code, then interprets this XML code during runtime.

AppNote Tool: Audit DirXML Events Using Stylesheets, Java, and JDBC
Companion resource to AppNotes article.

AppNote Tool: Corporate Naming Policy Using DirXML Stylesheets Example
Enforce corporate naming standards.

Asgard - IDM Test Tool
Integration Test Tool for IDM projects.

Asgard - IDM Test Tool 1.2 Crypto Edition
Integration Test Tool with Encryption for IDM projects.

Asgard File Manipulation Modules
Modules to manipulate files using Asgard Test Tool.

Asgard LDAP Rename Module
Rename/move objects in any LDAP server.

Asgard Password Test Module
Module to test password synchronization using Asgard IDM Test Tool.

Asgard RuntimeExec Module
Allows command execution in the machine running Asgard Test Tool.

Association Modifier
A simple application for handling associations built by DirXML drivers.

Automated Testing for Novell Identity Manager - A Designer Plug-in
An xUnit automated testing framework that plugs into Designer for Novell Identity Manager.

Blackbird DeTroubler for eDirectory & Active Directory
Rapid online recovery for eDirectory & Active Directory.

Change Log Tool
Use DirXML to create a log of changes made to objects in your eDirectory tree(s).

Change Password Utility
Users can change Windows domain password and Admin can change password from ASP.

Check LDAP Password and Change Domain Password
Allows a user who knows their NDS password to change their NT-Domain/AD Password.

Container/Object Stylesheet
DirXML Stylesheet that targets specified containers for synchronization.

Data Generator 2
Generate sample data files.

Designer for Identity Manager
A highly visual, client-based tool for designing, debugging, deploying, and documenting your identity management solutions.

Designer for Identity Manager
Client-based tool for designing, debugging, deploying, and documenting your identity management solutions.

DirXML 1 Grace Login Fix
Stylesheets that fix grace logins getting out of sync when using the NDS to NDS driver.

DirXML 2 Driver
Detect groups without members or users without group memberships.

DirXML 2 Driver for ACF2 6.5 sp01
Deliver a bi-directional driver for ACF2, including the password.

DirXML Changelog
Creates a log of changes made in DirXML implementations.

DirXML Notes Wizard
Install and Setup a DirXML Lotus Notes Driver.

DirXML Workflow Service Request Driver
Sample DirXML Workflow Request Service Driver for approval of a Title Change.

DirXmlMon 1.0.7
Monitors State of Drivers

eGuide Driver
Allows eGuide users to download contacts into their personal address book.

EnhancedPasswordGadget for Novell Portal Services v1.5
Provides a means for users to change their passwords.

ETS Groups Stylesheet
XSLT stylesheet that manages users in eDirectory Groups.

ETS Stylesheet
XSLT stylesheet that works with DirXML 1.1, eDirectory 8.6.2, and Windows XP Pro.

Module to load text files using spring in IDM projects.

FSF/NSM User Storage Service Driver
Loopback driver to automatically assign File System Factory/Novell Storage Manager policies to users.

Generic File Driver for IDM
Pluggable generic file driver currently supporting read/write of CSV, XML and XLS.

Monitors events, like worker hires and terminations, to validate they were properly updated in a number of destinations.

Group Membership Updater
DirXML driver that keeps User and Group pointers synchronized after LDAP updates.

GUID Grabber
Handy VB Script to grab an AD objects GUID.

IDM 3.5 Metrics Client Demo
Demo shows how IDM 3.5 Metrics Webservice can be used to generate a dashboard that can be used to monitor/evaluate workflow performance.

IDM 3.5 Password Notification Service Driver
IDM 3.5 service driver to send password notifications to users, helpdesk and NAudit.

IDM 3.5 pwfilter.dll updater INF
INF installer updates pwfilter.dll and associated files.

IDM 3DES Crypto
Encrypt passwords in IDM solutions.

IDM Driver Monitoring Solution
IDM Driver monitoring solution for Linux

IDM Racf Policy Builder Script
Use Policy Builder to send commands to RACF System.

IDM Status Monitor v1.1
At a glance, allows you to see the current status of any and all of your IDM drivers.

Allows IDM drivers to send events using Apache Commons Log.

Allows IDM drivers to send events to specific appenders of Log4j.

A package of tools to use with IDM drivers.

Allows IDM drivers to execute native commands of IDM Installed Platforms.

IDMWebservice Kit
Allow IDM drivers to start Extend Workflows.

iManager Plugin (NPM) Resource File Comparison
Command Line Tool to compare the resource (properties) file(s) in iManager Plugin NPM Build.

Installer for Password Synchronization Filters on AD - IDM Tested Version: 3.5.0
This script installs Password Synchronization filters into a Microsoft Active Directory environment.

JDBC Command
Java class for IDM to execute JDBC Commands like stored procedures, inserts, updates, etc.

LDAP Count Script
This script is useful for benchmarking, performance testing, and debugging.

LDAP Search
Search for objects and their attributes stored in the directory.

Check relationship of objects.

Query LDAP and return an attribute value.

Loopback Initial Password Setup
Automatic initial passwords setup.

Monitor individual drivers on NW, Linux, and Windows, as well as some LDAP search/auth performance and directory sync.

Minimal Provisioning
Prepare a automatic minimal provisioning.

Modify Password Stylesheet
XSLT stylesheet for DirXML 1.1 that modifies passwords in eDirectory.

Monitor DirXML/IDM Driver States with Nagios
Bash script to monitor Novell DirXML 1.1 and Identity Manager 2.x/3.x driver states with Nagios.

Monitor Identity Manager - eDirectory Driver Synchronization with Nagios
Check Novell Identity Manager synchronization between eDirectory trees using ldap.

MSSQL Advanced Driver for Native Security
An enhanced version of the JDBC 1.6.2 driver for MSSQL.

MultiCert Lotus Script
Script to allow Notes Driver to switch a cert file based in a user attribute.

Convert legacy data to LDIF format.

This script is made to test networking hardware and software in a simple way by verifying packets travel reliably across the network.

Novell Identity Manager driver for Oracle Internet Directory 10g
Manages Users, Roles and passwords from eDirectory to OID.

Oracle Agent
Activation/expiration time for a Group Membership in eDirectory, using an Oracle table.

Password Complexity Auditing Driver
Prints out a .csv file that describe the properties of objects' passwords without actually showing the passwords.

Password Expiration Email Notification
Java console application that sends users email notifications of upcoming password expiration.

Temporarily remove policy restrictions, do what needs to be done, then put the policy restrictions back...all without a reboot!

Procedure Asgard Module
Run procedures using JDBC.

Provisioning Workflow: exteNding Novell Identity Manager 2
Demonstrates sophisticated multi-step exteNd provisioning workflows for Identity Manager 2.

RACF Remote Loader Kit
Scripts to setup Remote Loader on OMVS Mainframe.

REXX Program
Execute NATURAL ADABAS Programs with IDM RACF Driver.

File-based Round Robin Processor for use in DirXML Stylesheets.

SAP Asgard Modules
Query Sap User roles and profiles.

Specified Users Stylesheet
DirXML Stylesheet that targets specified users for synchronization from one tree to the user's OU in another tree.

SplitXML for SecureLogin
Utility to create individual SecureLogin import files from SecureLogin export files containing multiple application definitions, policies or preferences.

Spring Procedure Module
Module to run procedures using spring in IDM projects.

User Management Stylesheet
Attribute-driven XSLT stylesheet for DirXML 1.1 that can create, delete, modify users and move them from one OU to another.

Test DirXML rules using the Delimited Text Driver.

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