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SUSE Linux Enterprise 10

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(B)(A)sh (P)honebook (S)cript
Quick bash phonebook.

BBIPS - Command Line Utilities
Bash scripts to manipulate entire directories of images.

Linux Get File IDs
This perl script allows a user to see the creator, archiver, modifier, and metaDataModifier of an NSS file.

Linux Set File IDs
This Perl script sets the creator, archiver, modifier, and metaDataModifier of a specified NSS file to an eDir user with the format .CN=user.O=organization.T=TREE_NAME.

Mount CDs/DVDs which are only known by the label.

LSENDMAG - Wake On LAN - (SUSE Linux)
Remotely turn on workstations and servers.

Diff and merge tool.

Parser to toptool logs
Generate graphs and reports from the toptool logs.

SSLBridge: Samba Web Application
Open Source Samba Web-Based Interface.

SUSE Linux Wallpaper
Linux scores!

Xen OCF Resource Management Script for HA Stack
Manage Xen domU as HA resource, replaces "xm".

XEN3 domU Clone Utility
Allows users to easily clone XEN domU's.

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