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Close Explorer Windows
Application to close all Explorer windows.

Configure Certificate
Configure certificate for NSL LDAP client to work with non-eDirectory servers.

Export Certificate
Download certificate from directory server to local machine.

iManager Plugin Installer
Automated iManager plugin installer for iManager running on all platforms.

Automatically import certificate from eDirectory server into local store.

Automatically import certificate from eDirectory into local key store for iManager plugins to communicate over SSL.

LDAP Search
Search for objects and their attributes stored in the directory.

Linux iManager Plugin Uninstaller
Quickly uninstall the iManager plugins on Linux platform.

NSL Cache Cleaner
Cleanup NSL cache from the local workstation.

NSL Config Manager
Configure the NSL settings with one application.

NSL Log Manager
Application to manage the log settings for NSL components.

pcProx Card Reader
Desktop application to read the HID card ID from pcProx Reader.

PcproxID Checker
Check if the pcProx ID for the user is set properly.

Process Heap Viewer
Tool to efficiently enumerate process heaps on Windows.

QLL Reg Tool
Automatically configures the registry settings of "Quick Login/Logout" Secure Workstation component of Novell Secure Login (NSL).

Remote DLL Injection Application
Inject/remove the DLL into/from the remote process to aid in removing spyware and in testing individual library components.

Helps when debugging NSL login scripts by letting you see the actual text that is being placed into the password fields (rather than the usual asterisk).

SplitXML for SecureLogin
Utility to create individual SecureLogin import files from SecureLogin export files containing multiple application definitions, policies or preferences.

Uninstall PcProx
Uninstall pcProx from the system without uninstalling NSL.

Verify Certificate
Verify the SSL certificate present on local host or directory server.

View Directory Certificate
Remotely view the SSL certificate on directory server.

Vista UAC Maker
Make your applications Vista UAC compliant easily.

Vista UAC Maker Console
Console tool to make your applications Vista UAC compliant easily.

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