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Mikkelsen, Tommy

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Allow for fast configuration of automatic logon to the network and the workstation.

ConsoleOne Update Utility
Keep ConsoleOne updated effortlessly.

EasyProxy for GroupWise
Novell GroupWise utility for defining and controlling access to each mailbox in the enterprise.

GroupWise Snapins for the API Gateway
GroupWise 5.5 Snapins for NetWare Administrator (NWAdmin). They are to be used with the GroupWise API Gateway.

Generate a list of objects with the missing Guid.

IP Boot Disk
Boot Disk to attach to a server running Native IP.

NAL Time
Get last distributed time for NAL applications.

Netscape Address Book Import
Import Netscape address book into GroupWise.

NWCli 1.1
Shutdown client programs prior to Automatic Client Upgrade (ACU).

Printer Driver Generator
Generate INF-based printer drivers without iPrint.

VCard File import tool for GroupWise
Convert VCard file into a NAB-file.

ZEN Grace
Make an application forced run after the user has declined the prompt after X number of times.

ZfD4 Redistribute Bug
Prevents redistribution of registry keys after Upgrade to ZfD4.

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