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Cool Tools - FAQ

This area is available for you as a programmer, developer or batch file writer, to share your program. This is a way for both authors of programs and Novell users to benefit from your skills.

The Cool Solutions editors will scan the files for viruses before posting them. They will also perform language editing, and make sure there is descriptive information with each file to explain the purpose and usage of each tool. You may submit your descriptive text in the body of an email message, or in an attached Word or WordPerfect file.

Q: Who can post files?
A: Anyone.

Q: Who is entitled to download these files?
A: Anyone.

Q: What type of files can be uploaded?
A: Files and programs that may be of assistance to other Novell customers. These programs should not be copyrighted or owned by someone else. If you submit a file or files developed by someone else, you must first get permission to submit that file and give credit to the developer in the description of the file.

Q: What format should the file be in?
A: The file should either be in ZIP format or a self-extracting EXE file.

Q: What information should be included in the description?
A: The description should contain all of the following information in the following format:

  • File Name:
  • File Size:
  • License: (Free, GPL, Eval, Demo, etc. List limitations.)
  • File Owner:
  • Email:
  • Date:
  • Title line:
  • One Line Description
  • Descriptive text explaining what it's for, and how to use it: