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Oregon Liquor Control Commission Automates its HelpDesk Utilizing GroupWise as a Key Component

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Posted: 9 Sep 2004

Oregon Liquor Control Commission Automates its HelpDesk Utilizing GroupWise as a Key Component

?GroupLink HelpDesk's seamless tie-in to GroupWise represents maximizing the existing Novell investment, while expanding the operating system to levels previously unattainable.? Roger Deming, Information Services Manager, OLCC

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The Issues

Does your IT staff address the same problems over and over? Are you able to track, manage, and monitor each request that comes into your help desk? How can you maximize your investment in GroupWise without crippling your IT staff in the process?

Case Study

The OLCC IT staff was experiencing a high volume of typical technical support requests and was being inundated with queries ranging from application installation to simple questions like, ?How can I find this folder?? The staff had no means of tracking and recording how each request was obtained and resolved.

Ultimately the OLCC needed a helpdesk solution that would categorize and track events, provide the convenience and resourcefulness of web-based access, and integrate with an established Novell GroupWise system, allowing the implementation of call tickets.

Roger Deming is the Information Services Manager for the Oregon Liquor Control Commission. After researching the market thoroughly, Deming said he kept coming back to GroupLink's HelpDesk. ?We researched several other packages, but we were always pulled back to GroupLink because the tie-in to Novell GroupWise was critical, the ability to capitalize on the functionality of file attachments and history details was something that had been escaping us, and the ability for email notifications for any / all tasks and processes was very appealing?GroupLink's HelpDesk provided for all of these needs,? said Deming.

Without rearranging the existing infrastructure and without crippling the IT staff in the process, the OLCC was able to implement an essential piece of software that not only freed the CTS staff from answering the same questions over and over again, but also gave each end-user the opportunity to help themselves. The ability to take an established and successful investment in Novell GroupWise and expand upon it has added value to an existing successful situation.

GroupLink's HelpDesk builds on GroupWise as a key component of its total customer satisfaction solution. GroupLink's HelpDesk enables IT/IS personnel to track, manage and monitor everything that is taking place on all processes in an easily accessible single location, resulting in enhanced profitability and greater productivity.

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