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City of Naperville Utilizes GroupLink's Novell-based HelpDesk to Accomplish More

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Posted: 24 Nov 2004

City of Naperville Utilizes GroupLink's Novell-based HelpDesk to Accomplish More

?Our IT department handles a great deal of different tasks, from many different departments and sites. HelpDesk helps us help them.?
-Jay Carlson, Network Administrator for the city of Naperville

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The Issues

  • Is your IT Staff overrun?
  • Are you lacking the tools to provide professional service?
  • Stuck in a downward spiral cycle with your help desk?

Case Study: Government

The City of Naperville, Illinois was relying on a key based in house system that was virtually impossible for their employees to use. Jay Carlson, Network Administrator, said, ?The problem was cyclical in nature in that people wouldn't address their problems with IT personnel because they needed to do so over and over again, even though they didn't possess the means to satisfy their own needs.? This never-ending cycle left the city of Naperville and its IT staff inundated and disoriented; ultimately disrupting the entire network.

By implementing GroupLink's HelpDesk solution, Naperville employees have been afforded easily accessible information that had previously eluded them. In turn, the IT staff was enabled to meet the specific needs of every employee. GroupLink gave the City of Naperville a system that is tailor-made to its specific needs, and seamlessly integrates into an existing Novell infrastructure. What was once a timely, and unsuccessful process is now accomplished in less than five minutes, and the IT staff is empowered to provide timely professional service to its users.

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