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GetFTP Utility, to Download Files via FTP Protocol

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By Martin Strobl

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Posted: 6 Jun 2001

Version: NetWare 5.1

GetFTP is a NetWare command line utility for downloading a file via ftp protocol to a directory on the server.

The GetFTP is a NSN script. NSN (Novell Script for NetWare) is basically a newer version of NetBasic. To run it on a 5.0 server, you need to install a support for it there. Note: In the NW 5.1, the NSN is installed during server installation. NSN installation file can be found here: (click on the Software button). Size of the NSN installation package is approx. 2,5 MB. You will probably have to register yourself on the before downloading.

For online NSN documentation, see

For Visual Basic command reference (as the NSN is VB compatible), see Microsoft's default.htm?/scripting/vbscript/ techinfo/vbsdocs.htm

For a manual on how to build an NLM from NSN, see this AppNote.


Use the GETFTP script as follows:

  1. Install the NSN software on the server. Even if you are using the NLM version of the script, you will still need to have it installed, as the compiled NLM still refers to the UCX components.
  2. Copy the FTPLOGIN.ID into the SYS:\ETC directory on the server. Change it's contents if needed to reflect your ftp login name and password (an e-mail address is often used as password in anonymous FTP transfers)
  3. If you want to run the non-compilled version of the sctript (*.bas), initiate the NSN (Load NSNINIT, NSNSHELL)
  4. Run the script like for example "GETFTP SYS:\TMP\" (the destination directory must exist on your server).



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