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Cool Tool: GroupWise Mail Saver

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By Scott Flowers

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Posted: 9 Dec 2004

Save a whole folder of messages, including attachments, to simple text files on disk, with one click.

If you work in an environment where e-mail messages need to be saved with other project data, or if you are just paranoid and never want to delete e-mails, there is a GroupWise plugin called MailSaver that I have written that allows you to keep mail outside of GroupWise quickly and easily.

The tool is called MailSaver, and it can save all messages in a GroupWise folder, including attachments, with one click. The tool is a GroupWise client plugin, and once it's installed, you right-click on a folder in your Cabinet, and select MailSaver to either save the messages, or save both the messages and attachments, to the location of your choice.

Download it free here

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