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Auto Logon with Win9x Clients

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By Steve Bogdanov

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Posted: 26 Jul 2001

Version: Win 9x Client

AUTO.EXE has been written to allow the Win9x Novell Client to automatically login to the workstation, allowing ZENworks policies, etc. to be used.

Use Auto.exe with the TWEAKUI from Microsoft, to select the Auto Login feature. My application will check to see if the workstation has been set to AutoAdminLogin. The application will also verify that the Novell Client is set to the Primary Network Provider before running. Otherwise it will exit quietly.

If you do not wish to use TWEAKUI, the application will look in the:


key for the below values, which are placed there by TWEAKUI to allow the Microsoft Client to automatically login:

  • AutoAdminLogon: 1 = yes, 0 = no
  • DefaultUsername: username to use
  • DefaultPassword: password to use


AUTO.EXE /nosplash

Will prevent the Auto Login splash screen


When implementing AUTO.EXE it is recommended to place the AUTO.EXE in the C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM directory and modify the RUNSERVICES key in the registry to run this application. This will then launch prior to the Novell Login screen and will wait for the screen to pop up to automatically login the machine.

Under HKey_Local_machine\software\microsoft\windows\currentversion\runservices, add a string called AutoNovell, with the value of 'C:\Windows\system\auto.exe'

Contact Info

This application has been written for the specific purpose of providing automatic logon to the Win9x client. It is not intended for the WinNT/Win2000 machines as they already have the AutoAdminLogon feature and numerous TIDs relating to how to invoke auto logon with NT. This application has been deployed and is bug free for the intended purpose. Please feel free to use this, and provide me feedback on this application.

If anyone requires this application to be modified for their environment, please e-mail me and I will endeavour to meet your requests, if I have time to do so.

Steve Bogdanov
Adelaide, South Australia

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