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Viewing Management Portal Traffic Lights from your Desktop

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By Rich Stevenson

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Posted: 26 Jul 2001

Current version: NetWare 5.1 SP2

This allows you to keep an eye on the management portal's traffic light from your desktop. I borrowed and modified the HTML code from the Multiple Server Health Monitor page within the portal to create an HTML page that just displays the red, yellow, or green light of however many servers you want. Use it as an ActiveX item on the desktop and you'll always know the status of the servers at a glance. I've commented the HTML code to specify where to change the IP address and server name for your environment.

All I did was view the source code on the Multiple Server Health Monitor page within the management portal and then just copied and pasted the code needed for just the health lights into a new HTML file. I originally did it in NetWare 5 but the code also works through NetWare 5.1 with Sp2a applied.

The portal.html file is the extracted HTML code that can be modified to work in any NW5.x environment by changing the IP address and server name.

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