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SLP (Service Location Protocol) Design

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By Eric Van Der Pluijm

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Posted: 10 Aug 2001

When you look on the web or on the support connection you cannot find a proper SLP design. In the TIDs they say that you can have one scope unit and two SPLDAs. According to the Novell engineers in EMEA is it NOT advisable to have more than one SLPDA per scope. When a service registers to two SLPDAs there is a possibility that both of the SLPDAs will make changes in the same object, and then you can have collisions with time stamps.

So we figured out an SLP design that does not have those problems.

Ok, here is an example of a network. We have about 500 servers in two countries. Let's say 100 in Country A and 400 in the Country B. We have two SLPDAs, one for Country A (SLPDA_A1) and one for Country B (SLPDA_B1). You can make several scopes. For example, make three for Country A, and three for Country B.

A_BINDERY, B_BINDERY, A_NDAP, B_NDAP (or something else) and A_EXCL and B_EXCL.

The SLPDA in Country A services Scopes A_* and the SLPDA in Country B services scopes B_*

All the servers in the network register their services with both SLPDAs, so that the scopes in Country A should contain the same information as the corresponding scopes in Country B.

For the workstations in Country A, the first SLPDA is the SLPDA in Country A and the second is the SLPDA in Country B. For the workstations in Country B this is reversed: the first SLPDA is the SLPDA in Country B and the secondary SLPDA is the SLPDA in Country A. This can be configured with DHCP.

In this case the SLP is redundant and you should have no problems with the scopes.

SLPDA_A1 register in A_BINDERY , A_NDAP and in A_EXCL
SLPDA_B1 register in B_BINDERY, B_NDAP and in B_EXCL

Set in startup.ncf

Don't forget to add the lines in the SLP.CFG

REGISTER TYPE "ndap.novell" to SCOPE "A_NDAP , B_NDAP"


(Don't forget to enter a crlf after the last line in the SLP.CFG)

More Info

Administration Guide: Novell's Implementation of the SLP (Service Location Protocol)

Let us know if you have other ideas, comments, or suggestions.

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