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Certificate Creation on Platform Services

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Posted: 27 Mar 2003

Posted: 27 Mar 2003

From the Forums:

I'm installing platform services on Linux. An trying to do the asamrcvr -s to import or create the certificate and I'm running into the following error.

Unable to open certificate file
Unable to open key file
Unable to open ca file

What's wrong with my configuration?

Some Direction:

  • both machines can ping each other
  • the IP addresses + ports in the asamplat.conf are OK
  • the platform (+ip address) is created in the web interface
  • the dates on both machines must be the same (when they are too far off, the encryption keys may be expired or not yet valid, seen from the other machines date perspective)
  • when setting up Linux, you may not leave the entry for the DNS server blank (enter the host's own IP address), even if you are not using DNS and only IP addresses. Forgetting this can lead to very slow logins from Linux.

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