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Optimize iFolder Storage with CaminoSoft Managed Server HSM

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Posted: 25 Jan 2005

Here's another Cool Solution from CaminoSoft. NetWare and Windows customers now have a way to deploy iFolder without breaking the bank on storage and keeping all those inactive user files on expensive SAN high performance disk arrays.

iFolder provides a slick way to synchronize desktop and notebook file resources to the network. However, studies have shown that the vast percentage of files that users keep in their document and application folders are seldom accessed after creation, if ever. Why waste precious space?


Managed Server HSM software, based on policies set by an administrator, monitors iFolder account containers for file age and volume watermarks, selecting inactive files to be migrated from expensive primary storage. Migration file candidates are transparently relocated to alternate storage (usually in off-peak hours), leaving behind just the directory entries and pointers to the files' new locations. Subsequent requests to open the migrated files from the iFolder containers are performed transparently and seamlessly in the background and the process is normally undetectable by users. Files can be further migrated to more distant storage tiers including tape, optical, NAS, and specialized environments, including EMC Centera and Tivoli TSM.

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