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Upgrading NW5.0 (with eDirectory 8.5 already installed) to NW5.1

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By Joe Azzopardi

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Posted: 4 Sep 2001

Version: NetWare 5.1

I recently discovered that several customers are in a panic to update to NW5.1, however they had already upgraded their NDS to eDirectory 8.5 and now they have a problem upgrading to NW5.1 because the upgrade fails with -663 (database locked) at the GUI. I decided to build a solution for one of my customers and now NTS are using this solution. Here it is:


First take a look at the minimum requirements before upgrading to NW5.1.

When attempting to perform an in-place upgrade from NW5.0 tp NW5.1, while NW5.0's NDS had already been upgraded to eDirectory 8.5, the following happens: -663 after the GUI starts in the final stage of the installation.

Since the installation assumes you are installing NDS8 (not 85.xx) it will load the dsloader for NDS8. On the last stage of the upgrade the GUI will load and tries to access the NDS. It fails with -663 due to the incorrect dsloader. There is no way for the upgrade to detect eDirectory 8.5 and there is no dsloader for eDirectory 8.5 supplied on the NW5.1 CDROM.

Upgrade to NW5.1

Burn a new CD-ROM

  1. Copy the whole directory structure from the NW5.1 CD-ROM to a target media.
  2. From eDirectory 85.12a CD-ROM copy the dsloader.nlm to the \PRODUCTS\NDS8\STARTUP and to the \PRODUCTS\NDS7\STARTUP. This will ensure that the correct dsloader is used.
  3. Burn the new CD-ROM with this new directory structure.


  1. If eDirectory 85.01r is installed on the current server, the version 85.12a should be installed first. To install the 85.12a follow the eDirectory readme. In addition, prior to installation, remove the NDS8 and eDirectory from the PRODUCTS.DAT by performing UINSTALL eDirectory and UINSTALL NDS8 at the system console. This will prevent the installation from failing when it enquires the PRODUCTS.DAT.
    NOTE: The newly created CD-ROM might require a boot disk with the CD-ROM drivers.
  2. Perform an in-place upgrade with the newly created CD-ROM.
  3. The initial installation screen will only display NDS8 as an option (ignore this).
  4. NEVER OVERWRITE NEWER FILES when asked to do so. This ensures that the DS.NLM and other modules required by eDirectory are not overwritten.
  5. The in-place upgrade will succeed in retaining NDS version 85.12a and the related database engine.

If you have any questions you may contact Joe at

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