Solving the Disk Full Errors on new NSS Volume

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By Rene Strydom

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Posted: 2 Feb 2005

We installed a new volume on Novell NetWare 6 NSS volume and users worked fine for a short while. Suddenly users couldn't save or copy directories or files. They started getting disk full errors as well as data corrupt or unreadable errors. If a small file was saved or copied all worked fine.

SOLUTION: We applied all the NSS and NetWare 6 service packs and updates (service pack 5) and replaced filesys.nlm, all to no avail. We also applied all Novell Client for Windows 2000 patches and fixes - nothing worked.

Then we found the solution. We typed in NSS /nouserspacerestrictions = "volume name" at server console and the problem was solved!

If you have any questions you may contact Rene at rstrydom@srk.co.za

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