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Dress up the Drive Icons for Windows Explorer Users

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By Bryan Keadle

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Posted: 10 Feb 2005

Windows Explorer doesn't lend itself very well to identifing your mapped drives. When users have an explorer window open that looks like this:

having them find a given drive letter, "select your H: drive", isn't as easy as it sounds.

But by giving explorer a little face-lift, their explorer windows can look like this:

Now isn't that better? Simply copy UPCASE.EXE and ENABLEDRIVEICONS.EXE to everyone's Windows directory:

 copy f:\public\upcase.exe %windir% /y
    copy f:\public\enabledriveicons.exe %windir% /y

Then just run EnableDriveIcons.exe once for each user (or just add to the machine startup).

That's cool!

Download EnableDriveIcons.exe here.

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