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By Kevin O'Neill

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Posted: 10 Feb 2005

I like to mount the DOS partition as a volume using netbasic/dosfat and copy the contents to a directory on the sys volume. (Important: Never leave it mounted, and use the proper SET parameters.) I then burn that along with the _NETWARE directory and key files like *.nds, *.cfg, *.ncf, & ETC to a CD.

I also have a DOS directory & floppy for booting to other servers on the WAN. Since I have not found the equivalent utilities in DR. DOS or Caldera, I use 6.22 for its DOSKEY and XCOPY. I am so sorry about this but I need all the help I can garner when it gets typing intensive.

Instead of using DOSFAT and mounting the DOS partition as a volume, it's probably safer to use TOOLBOX.NLM and the results are the same.

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