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Letting Users Print from DOS to a Local Printer

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By Shannon Serilla

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Posted: 23 Feb 2005

PROBLEM: Users on my network were not able to print to laser-jet networked printers out of DOS applications.

SOLUTION: The solution was one of two things. If the printer was attached to another computer, the printer would need to be shared on that computer then the port would need to be captured by NetWare by typing in the address of the computer and the printer name. If the printer was attached to a print server, you would need to browse for the printer on the network and then capture the printer by NetWare to one of the available LPT ports. Once this was done the users were able to print out of a DOS application to a local laser jet printer.

EXAMPLE: Search for the printer you need to print to by \\server\printer

This should find the printer you are looking for and then you will be able to capture the port with NetWare.

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