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Installing NetWare 6.5 using ISO Images Hosted on another NetWare Server

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By Rodney Crossman

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Posted: 23 Feb 2005

PROBLEM: How to install NetWare 6.5 over network using ISO images hosted on existing NetWare 6.5 server.

SOLUTION: Copy the latest NetWare 6.5 overlay OS and product ISOs to an existing NetWare 6.5 sp2 or newer NSS volume. Mount them both as in TID 10095903, then simply create a basic user with a simple login script only mapping those two volumes, or use a DOS OS check in an existing script so you don't have to manually map to them from DOS.

I use the nwdsk images to boot new servers and gain access to the NetWare hosted install media. The project includes nwdsk as one of its bootdisk options on a CD, and also includes many other programs such as hard drive testers and ram tester software.

This allows me to both save on writable CDs and to install more than one server at a time during larger rollouts or beta testing.

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