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Workaround if NetWare 6 Server chokes on SP5

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By Michel van Spijk

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Posted: 23 Feb 2005

PROBLEM: I've had a problem with a NetWare 6 Server after applying Service Pack 5. The Server abends when Ctrl-Esc keys are pressed and the "Current Screens" displays the text "Error writing environment file."

No errors were reported during the extraction of SP5 OR during the install of SP5. After the reboot the server came up and seemed OK but it displayed the previous version's information (in my case "Revision 3").

SOLUTION: It took me a day to find out, but the cause of all this was my virus scanner, "McAfee's Virusscan Enterprise 8.0i". It has a feature called "Access Protection" and on the tab "File, Share, and Folder Protection" you can select which file and folder access is blocked by the virusscanner.

One of the items listed is called "Prevent access to suspicious startup items (.exe)". If this is selected the virusscanner will BLOCK the extraction of the file "SERVER.EXE" in the Service Pack STARTUP-folder.

If you then apply this Service Pack, SERVER.EXE will NOT be updated and NO warning is given during the installation of the Service Pack.

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