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Friendly Warning for your Laptop Users Before they Give that Big Presentation

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By Erich Burnett

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Posted: 4 Mar 2005

I recently purchased a Sony Vaio (big mistake). I hooked up a secondary monitor and installed the ZfDAgents (IR5), including the Remote Management software. The next time I booted undocked without the secondary monitor, Windows had issues with the video driver and displayed the blue screen of death, but only for about 1/2 second. I had to take a picture of the screen with my digital camera to get the error code.

After many attempts, and many curse words, here's how I fixed it: From safe mode, uninstall the ATI video driver, reboot to normal mode, uninstall the ZfDAgents, reinstall the ATI video driver, reinstall the ZfDAgents, then hook up the secondary monitor. An updated zmg file made it's way to the server shortly after.

If you've got folks that use laptops and secondary monitors, but seldom out in the field, you might want to check into this before they give that big presentation to the board.

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