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Deploying Printers to Highly Restricted School Workstations

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By Cameron Murray

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Posted: 16 Mar 2005

PROBLEM: I work at a high school with around 300 computers, and around 20 workstation print objects. Maintaining this on low IT Support hours has always been a problem.

We have several problems deploying printer objects via iPrint to user workstations because of restrictive permissions. We didn't want to go down the path of unrestricting workstations, or having "user print objects".

SOLUTION: We created batch files and deployed them via ZENworks.

  1. Download the latest iPrint Client.
  2. Extract the unattended installer to a location where all users have permissions (usually nipp-s.exe).
  3. Create a ZENworks app object for the unattended installer, set to force run, and under Environment select "Run as secure system user".
  4. Create batch files (see example) for each printer group and distribute them following the guide lines for Step 3. Distribute these to the appropriate workstations/user objects.


Batch file for printer install

iprntcmd http://IPADDRESS/ipp/PRINTERNAME /ADD

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