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Keeping your Roaming Users from Hogging the T1 Bandwidth

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By Kevin Garibaldi

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Posted: 16 Mar 2005

PROBLEM: We have two school campuses connected by a T1 line. Some users work at both campuses and need access to their personal folders as well as shared folders at each location.

The problem is that when each user would login, the server would only map drives from their "home" campus, which would create a huge bandwidth problem over the T1 line.

SOLUTION: The workaround was to map the drives based on the IP address of the computer they were using. This guaranteed that they would only have "local" drives mapped as they logged in and saved a considerable amount of bandwidth from our T1 line. This was a huge problem solved.


Here is our login script. The two campuses are referred to as "San Juan Campus" and "Ladera Ranch campus":

map errors off
map display off

* This line represents the San Juan Campus (10.0.0.X)
IF NETWORK_ADDRESS > "0A000000" AND NETWORK_ADDRESS < "0A0000FF" then begin
  map root ins s1:=//fs/sys/public

  map root M:=FS/SYS:data\shared
  map root N:=%HOME_DIRECTORY
  map root P:=FS/SYS:Data
  map root Q:=FS/SYS:Apps

* This line represents the Ladera Ranch Campus (192.168.1.X)
  map root ins s1:=//fsl/sys/public

  map root M:=FSL/SYS:data\shared
  map root N:=%HOME_DIRECTORY
  map root P:=FSL/SYS:Data
  map root Q:=FSL/SYS:Apps

if member "NetAdmin" then begin
  map root J:=FS/SYS:
  map root k:=cs/sys:
  map root l:=fsl/sys:



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