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Posted: 13 Feb 2002

I wanted to let you and Novell know of our of our new-found appreciation of ZENworks' anti-theft capabilities.

We recently had a student steal 4 laptops out of one of our integrated classrooms. The laptops were set so that you could not exit out of the Novell login. The student, in trying to get around this setting, had to log in. When he did, the action registered the workstation in NDS with his username, time of login, and IP connection. This led us to his room where 3 of the laptops were recovered.

He took the fourth laptop to a friend who said he could get around the bios lock (we disabled booting from the floppy). The police went to the friend's house and retrieved the last laptop.

In total, the two had over $10,000 of stolen university property. Workstation registration was invaluable in leading us to the persons involved.

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