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Making a Boot Image that will work with new Dell PC

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By Jeff Wilson

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Posted: 24 Mar 2005

Jeff Wilson stopped by our BrainShare booth this week and shared this tip. We invited him to submit it under the new Novell Rewards program, and here it is. Thanks, Jeff! Hope to hear more from you!

PROBLEM: you have installed ZENworks 6.5 with no service pack or just Service Pack 1. Now you need to create a boot image that works with Dell's latest GX280 pc, with Broadcom nic. But the image does not work. or the pxe does not work.

SOLUTION: The solution is you MUST install Service pack 1a on your ZENworks server and use the latest bootcd.iso image.

The drivers needed for this are in the latest service pack. Once upgraded, the cd image and the pxe boot work great.

NOTE: this was not listed anywhere on the Knowledgebase or on Cool Solutions. I had to open a Novell incident to get the answer. I hope this helps someone.

If you have any questions you may contact Jeff at

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